I just read a horrific story about a young lady in Italy who was driven to suicide because of an incident in which a personal “pornographic” video was placed on the internet and went viral. Her attempts to have it taken down resulted in over Twenty Thousand ($20,000.00) Dollars in legal fees and subsequent public humiliation as the attempts were made public and even mocked with a remark she made on the tape “You’re filming? Bravo”. The remark was made into a catchphrase that was printed and sold on T-shirts, cellphone cases and other merchandise. Her unintended and unwelcome infamy eventually resulted in the 31 year olds’ death.

“Revenge Porn” (which typically is sexually explicit media shared online without the person’s knowledge, usually uploaded by an ex and containing personal info including social media profiles) is one of the most cowardly and deplorable acts that can be committed. It is increasingly punished criminally, but there needs to be even more social pressure in place to let potential offenders know how unacceptable the behavior is in fact.

However, (possibly on par with I mean no disrespect…follow by the most disrespectful statement) while I am absolutely against all forms of “Revenge Porn”, I am in favor of one specific instance of potentially using video images for revenge.

Parents when your children are little terrors I encourage you to videotape them at their very worst. Catch every potty training attempt and hopeful mishaps on film. Think of the most embarrassing situations you can imagine and make sure you have captured it for posterity. Do not post the pics or videos on any social media platform…hold on to them until the right time.

Remember when they are “little shits” it’s still mostly cute. But little shits all too often grow into “big shits”. I am old school. Beatings were not only given, you were lucky if you escaped a public whooping that left others wondering if your mother or father were auditioning for the role of plantation owner in “Django”.

Our politically correct (#soft) society barely allow for a parent to raise their voices at their children, let alone their hands… I may have a solution for parents who are at a loss with their miscreant adolescents and beyond.

First, remember this advice actually applies to all parents. I initially implied that the measures should be taken for parents with “bad” kids. Even if your baby is an angel, secure all the embarrassing footage you can. Statistically, the odds are against you that you will have a kid that does not go through a rebellious stage.

It’s definitely too late to become a disciplinarian then, but what do pre-teens, teens and young adults respond to: embarrassing pictures and videos from their childhood. Punishments and speeches only have so much effectiveness to young adults. Sit them down and show your body of evidence. Let them know that you have the videos and are not afraid to use them. Show them your knowledge of social media, by letting them know you have started an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat accounts and you are prepared to open it up in their names and friend and follow all of their friends and classmates. Who knows what the platforms will be next, but you get the point.

If this hasn’t gotten your child’s attention then perhaps you have raised a psychopath. The average parent will see a reaction from the threat. Kids do not always respect their parents or adults, but they normally respect or at least fear crazy.

Ideally we would like to think that we have or will have loving, communicative relationships with kids their whole lives. I wish that for everyone. Unfortunately, reality is not always so kind. Instead of giving up, prepare in advance that if all else were to fail, you have a method to grab their attentions and truly affect them in ways that matter to them.

The Dr. Phils of the world are going to condemn this strategy, but unless they are going to come to your home and raise your kid, F them. Parent, right now, you are just Top Flight Security, equipped with only a flashlight and a whistle. The embarrassing childhood video and pics make you Seal Team 6. Which one delivers the more effective deterrent?

It’s rhetorical, but I can wait till you get back to me…


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