By now we have either seen or heard the news about the protests that have formed around the nation (17 different cities was the latest report I read) in reaction to Donald Trump’s winning the presidency. The number of reported protesters has varied from the hundreds to the thousands. The numbers vary from news agencies in part because it is not a science to estimate such numbers, as well as depending on what narrative is being promoted…massive uprisings of the people versus small disgruntled civil disturbers.

The reaction from regular people concerning the protests is nearly as varied as the media outlets. I see and hear the comments; ranging from “Where were this people prior to the election? If they would have done all this before there wouldn’t be this problem.” To “He won already, they need to get over it? To “I can’t stand these protesters…they are F****** up my plans with these street closures.”

That was only a unscientific sampling of peoples reactions to the protest. Ironically those quotes are indistinguishable in that they have come from both those for as well as opposing Trump. The media’s take on the protests is just as varied. Those outlets that have not been supportive of Trump’s campaign, champion the civil disobedience as a referendum of the majority populace’s (Which Clinton actually attained) displeasure at such a divisive person holding our nation’s highest office. To the predictable outrage of those that support Trump at the violence and undermining that is taking place for a president-elect who demands to be given the benefit of the doubt moving forward. There have even been claims, started by Trump’s direct tweet that somehow these “small” protests were the direct result of organized paid protesters in attempts to diminish his victory.

First, there has been absolutely no factual evidence to point out that any of these protests are anything but organic demonstrations of people’s frustration at the process and Trump himself. The only organization I have seen is people via social media alerting one another that they will be protesting beginning at a particular time and place.

This is the first time in the United States history that widespread protests have occurred after the results of a presidential election. Yet another irony is that the indignation that Trump and his supporters place on the protests was called for directly and repeatedly by Trump himself to his supporters if he were to lose.

The protests must continue… The protests must get larger and louder… The protests however must have a defined purpose and objective. Right now people are protesting based on emotions. Anger, frustration and sadness eventually dissipate. The upcoming colder weather will eventually be a factor in diminishing the protests. Most importantly, as impassioned as People can be for a cause, and I do not doubt Trump’s ability to galvanize people for and against him, but any movement will eventually die down when people do not have a clear understanding of not just why they are protesting, but what the goal that is trying to be accomplished by the protests beyond the emotions.

Trump does not deserve the benefit of our doubt… Normally I am one who understands the hype and rhetoric that comes from promoting boxing and politics must be taken with a grain of salt. People talk a gang of s*** and then hug it out and move forward after the match. Trump threw out all the rules with his campaign. I hear far too many POC (People of Color) saying either give him a chance or watch and see he will be as or more liberal than Clinton was going to be cause it was a just an act to win…That is the most ignorant s*** I have ever heard. I curse so much not out of frustration or emphasis, but because clearly that is the only way to get some of your attention.

Trump has been so clearly divisive and un-empathetic toward anyone that has opposed him or his viewpoints throughout his campaign that any expectation that he has not already consistently revealed his true self and is going to change is (in my best Mike Tyson voice) simply ludicrous.

The Republicans for only the second time in over 100 years have control of the White House, US Senate and US Congress. There will be no reaching across the aisle to work with others. This is a party that believes (falsely or not) that they have a mandate from the American people and they will push conservative legislation through in the first 100 days and there will be little in theory that we can do. That is why we must protest…louder and larger…

The last two times the Republicans had full control (1928) proceeded the Great Depression and (2001-2007) proceeded our Great Recession. The protests must continue as a clear sign to the new administration that they do not have the clear mandate from “the people”. The people must show the politicians through massive, peaceful, demonstration that the interests of so many more must be taken into account not just those that side or supported Trump’s candidacy.

In his first prepared statement after Hillary gave her concession to his victory, Trump said all the right things. He sounded like a man who wanted to be given a chance to work to heal the divide and bring America together. I call BS and we must not go for this You do not get to conduct yourself in the most flagrantly vile manner in which you denounce the system you now praise cause its in your favor. You do not get to bully women, the handicap and show indifference if not straight disregard for Muslims, Mexicans and POC for 18 months and then act like it never happened and that somehow you are being treated unfairly because people are reminding you of your own words and rhetoric that you consistently repeated and reinforced.

We NEED to protest! The end goal should be to be so consistent, loud and large in our demonstrations of dissent that we force accountability that will not exist otherwise.


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