Life is comprised of many things. Our systems are in perpetual overload. Work, responsibilities, bills, kids, family, personal relationships, US election results, are just a sampling of the daily buffet of options that not only permeate the headlines of our own existence, but overwhelm the senses. There is little more difficult in life than striking a balance of things we need/have to/ should do versus things we want to do.

Striking a healthy balance in our lives is a difficult and a seemingly never-ending reality in our lives. Achieving Balance covers so many different facets of our lives, but the one common component always involves time. How much time we are able to dedicate to necessities versus electives starts at childhood. How much time we dedicate to playing versus learning and schoolwork is the first balancing act that we are presented.

As we age and accumulate more responsibilities (#bills) finding balance increasing has us yearning for the years when how much time to dedicate to homework was our biggest issue. Yet, bills are not the only issue thrown into adulthood. Our personal relationships become more of a balancing act as our time and financial resources are continually stretched further and further by the trappings of independence and adulthood.

The need for achieving balance then takes on health related issues. Are we getting enough sleep? Are we taking care of our bodies, by eating right and exercising? This is all about trying to achieve balance in our lives. I am a grown ass man that still has to be reminded to eat enough vegetables, because left up to my own devices my diet could very possibly consist of a steak and potatoes or Wendy’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger meal daily with a 2 liter coke and 2 or 3 Lady Linda Honey Buns. The ridiculousness of that statement isn’t lost on me, yet it shows that even when we know better, achieving balance in our lives is much easier in theory than it is in practice. (Disclaimer: I no longer eat like that every day, but 2 days a week are definitely in play).

Even when my diet was consistently poor, I tried to find a balance by working out regularly (3-5 times a week). I do not drink, smoke or get high, so Coca Cola and junk food were rationalized as okay indulgences. That rationale still made me realize that I couldn’t drink as much soda, eat as much junk food and add healthy eating to my diet since I was sleeping very little and learned about the possible long term health effects caused by lack of sleep.

Achieving happiness involves the ultimate balancing act. If you are lucky enough to know what brings you happiness or joy you are ahead of the game. I say lucky, because I have found far too many adults who still struggle to articulate what gives them a personal sense of satisfaction or joy. I strongly recommend, if you do not know, to take the time and really find out what it is that provides you joy or satisfaction. Without knowing something so basic and essential, life simply becomes the hamster wheel that we participate in without any real substantive benefit.

If you do know, time, life, and money are often impediments. Regardless of those impediments, we must make sure to strike a balance with the responsibilities of life and the importance of at least having moments of happiness. Life is too short and often too stressful to not be proactive in trying to attain a balance that includes your own happiness.

Another topically relevant point to achieving balance is navigating through so much negativity within the news and social media with the need to stay educated and abreast of current events. I am not going to lie, it is a challenge these days. The news and social media are filled with despair and misinformation, but it still important to read about the issues and not just the sensationalized headlines. Educating ourselves amidst times of social uneasiness is an essential part of trying to achieve balance in times like these. I know we all wish the negativity would just disappear, but in the reality of our times until it does, it is important that we stay informed to not let others so easily sway our thoughts, moods and opinions.

None of this is easy. Finding a balance within our lives is truly difficult. Yet, we must never stop trying. Our joy and happiness are not givens. We must make the time, even when there appears little to none, and prioritize what makes us smile, healthy and happy as much as the other responsibilities in our life. If it isn’t already, happiness needs to be put high on the list of the responsibilities in our life. Once on the list the balancing act continues, but at least we have made it a priority. That is a good place to start.


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