By: Richard Ray

I woke up this morning…actually I could barely sleep…cause the issue of needing to check someone weighed on my mind so heavily.

These smartphones and technology have really made some people real dumb…or should I say have enabled people to lose their minds…feeling emboldened to text and email you things that they would never ever say to you on the phone let alone in person.

Now that I have calmed a bit, the passive aggressive email is laughable in its content. It would take too much backstory to even give it any context to make sense in this article, but just trust me when I tell you it was an email from someone that owes me literally thousands and that I am helping on a project that I benefit only nominally from passively aggressively insinuating that I was not on point relative to his project that I am effectively donating my time towards.

My name is Richard Ray and I am an Enabler…I know it is true, but so much of my enabling stems from both a drive to help others and providing opportunity that, if conversely needed, would be extended to me. I have helped this particular person over the course of nearly 15 years. I have provided legal help and counsel as he attempted to build his “brand”.

I have never asked for anything in return and to date I have never received anything. This particular project is possibly his come up. I understand the pressure to make it a success along with the rewards if it does. For the first time I was even offered compensation that is laughable for the both the amount in relation to what I am being asked to do as well as compared to what he is taking home.

As a rule I never count other people’s money. I am helping because I wanted to see him succeed. However, I will never allow someone to get “brand new” on me, especially someone I have helped so often and never actually been compensated by. I have already wrote about Bitchassness being an epidemic, but I thought I had properly inoculated myself. Clearly I had not, but this type of offense cannot and will not go unchecked.

Before any of you talk trash and call me sensitive, I argue that you may call it whatever you choose, but I will never allow anyone to minimize my value and not show appreciation to the consistency of my goodwill. I will never let someone get “brand new” on me. You do not have to kiss my ring, but conversely I will never be kissing you’re a**.

I will also check this situation old school…in person. I am not texting my reply or giving a dissertation via email in response. I consider my ability to write clearly part of my skill set yet, I want to make myself perfectly clear. The phone still provides an unneeded buffer to communicating some things clearly. I will have this discussion in person as soon as I come back in the country and we are in the same city.

Some things need to be and will be checked. I give people the benefit of the doubt, but bad behavior, even if passive aggressive, needs to be nipped, before it festers into something larger. Sometimes people need not so gentle reminders of things you have done. It’s not about living in the past, but conversely not allowing history to be re-written or abolished out of convenience.


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