I hope it is human nature. It cannot be just me…I cannot be the only one that consistently tries to put the square pegs into the round holes. Of course I am not being literal, but I am definitely guilty of attempting to make various situations work when it is or should be abundantly clear there is not a good fit.

To my minimal credit, I do not make the ill-fitting attempts for too long. I can usually see from the beginning the pieces are not a proper fit, but call it a mixture of arrogance, confidence, optimism, stubbornness, competitiveness and pride, in that I often feel that I can make difficult situations work with some effort.

There are a multitude of examples and situations that could be placed with examples of poor fits that I attempted to make work, but what stands out are business relationships with people that I immediately recognize may be difficult to deal with, yet continue on the path to try and make things work.

Recently I began a new business relationship and it immediately became clear that things do not need to be difficult, forced and unnecessarily elongated to work. The reality is it was a reminder that nearly every successful business transaction and relationship I ever had were in fact relatively simple and quick processes. When things are real they are not generally and unnecessarily complicated.

I have so many other business relationship that I have “cultivated” with time and energy that could and should have been spent elsewhere. I get the concept of patience and business relationships taking time, but far too often the writing is on the wall when situations are not going to work and I have still tried. I am big on risk versus rewards analysis, and while I may not be engaging myself in risky ventures, the time and energy continually given to projects and people who clearly are not a good fit is in turn not a good look.

Money is a commodity, but so is time and energy. Too often we give people and situations our attention that are undeserving. There is generally no harm in looking into something or even briefly trying, but when you continue to try and try when it is apparent the fit is not right… there is only one remedy and that is stop trying to force situations that are clearly not the right fit.

When it is right it is obvious. We do not have to make excuses or significant adjustments to make it work. That is what is deserving of our energy…our time…our money. Some things of course take time and patience. Yet when it comes to the people in our lives (business or professionally) the fit is usually apparent right from the beginning. If we stop making excuses and justifications, we would save so much time and energy that should be redirected to more positive and successful pursuits.


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