What happens when you wake up everyday and it’s a combination of Groundhog Day directed by M. Night Shyamalan? I know I am alive (or at least I think so) but I know I see them walking and seemingly living among us… I See Wack People.

To whatever degree “Wack” may be dated (no worry, I’m bringing it back) the word’s interchangeableness is just a diversion from the realness of the dilemma. I am not a fan of all the Walking Dead, Zombie Apocalypses’. If your reality was like mine and you could see what I see… you would fear my reality far more than the fantasy.

Perhaps I am not alone…In fact I know I cannot be. You may be one that is able to see them as well. As much as I try and avoid them they are everywhere. They try and talk to me… they speak nonsensical gibberish that passes as English. They speak as if they only thing they have ever read are Internet memes and quotes from Kardashian Instagrams’.

They will not go away… They keep talking and appear to multiply daily. The Walking Dead are easily identifiable, but these Wack People, they tend to blend in to look and sound like everybody else. I am afraid, not because of what they may do to me, but because of the infectious and seemingly contagious degree that they seem to be able to affect others and increase in numbers.

I don’t know if the infection is spread through music, because it seems that they have shared tastes for horrible music, particularly when it comes to hip hop and pop music. They cannot seem to hear good music, but instead of it being a repellant, they are somehow able to just ignore it or tune it out.

The only things that I found that seem to have any effect on them are knowledge, logic and reason. If you try and pepper them with knowledge or inject logic and reason to them, they are quick to avoid you altogether. Unfortunately you must endure communicating with them for some time before they are even aware of what you are doing. They are slow to react to anything containing positive knowledge, but once it is evident, they will usually leave your presence.

I believe they can read, but they are not readers, so any antidote probably cannot be spread through widespread educational campaigns. They are impervious to forced lessons. I am an insomniac and instead of seeing them in my dreams they appear all too real when I am awake in person. The nightmare actually occurs while I am awake.

I see no immediate end in sight. The president-elect seems to be at the top of the list. I am unsure if he was a leader or just a symptom, but his unlikely rise shows that the have not only grown in numbers, but political power. I see Wack people, and apparently they are actually able to vote and appear on television. We live in interesting times for sure…Let’s sustain positivity no matter how trying the circumstances.


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