I have jokes today… so if you are feeling particularly sensitive or politically correct… then this isn’t for you!

I can’t with some of you… wasting space on the Internet with your delusional assess. I realize that I need to start getting high, to either appreciate the level of crazy or at least join in, because rationality and common sense are clearly asking too much.

Some of you are online and in various social media sites asking where are all the real or good men? It’s a great question until you read more… overweight, multiple kids, and perpetually angry. Everyone deserves good, but the anger and pessimism are hard to swallow from someone who asks for a lot but doesn’t necessarily own a mirror or an accurate appraisal of what they are offering in return.

Men are probably worse… rating women on such a superficial scale, when most of you do not have your own pot to piss in or the window to throw it out of. Judging women by looks when you know you were raised with someone feeding you with a long stick just isn’t right.

Speaking of long sticks…if I get one more person trying to share pics of their ugly babies… Save the hate mail…I know that all babies are beautiful… and their innocence and smiles do make them all beautiful in a sense…but aesthetically, maybe not so much. Most of you can admit privately…most babies are just funny looking. Think about all the funny looking people that roam this planet… they got their start somewhere. My mini penance is that I will admit that like puppies all babies are adorable, but let’s stop going overboard with how cute they all are…because some of them…not so much.

I can’t with all the people who claim they are attracted to smart or intellectual people and yet it is clear from their poor grammar and misspellings that they are perhaps setting a bar higher than need be. Don’t sound like a snob and then not be able to minimally back it up. The best of us get caught slipping with grammar and misspellings, but I do not think I have ever made a declaration of my omnipotence and mistaken it for impotence…Facts!

So do people understand what facts means? Just declaring something as “Facts” at the end of your sentence does not make it so. Facts are backed with empirical proof to support a claim or statement. Just because you say it loud or often does not make something “Facts”.

When are we going to see Pre-teens and Teens used as the poster children for cannibalism? Don’t tell me many of you wish that you hadn’t eaten your now ungrateful, rebellious know it all when they really know nothing, brooding, ungrateful and entitled little angels?

I joke (not really), but where has everyone’s sense of humor gone. The Internet is the Anti-Disney; “The Angriest Place On Earth”. My rants come as jokes, but the anger, prejudice and intolerance found online makes me envision people angrily chewing while pounding violently with two fingers on their phones and keyboards trying to make not well thought out points available for everyone to see…because if they are miserable, hateful or just ignorant…it just needs to be shared.

I can’t with many of you…but by the same token…thank you… I am never left without topics to write about… See, there really is a positive side to everything…


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