I know the year has just begun, but the clear early winner (and someone is gonna have to have a REALLY incredible year to supplant him) for 2017 is Drake…

I do not know how many Grammys Drake is going to win this year. He is tied for the second most nominations with eight (behind Beyonce’s nine), including for album of the year. In addition to the Grammy nominations there are sure to be American Music Awards, Soul Train, MTV, BET and countless other nominations and wins throughout 2017 for 30 year old Aubrey Drake Graham.

2016 was a great year for the Canadian rapper with his (US alone) quadruple platinum Views being released and still dominating radio airplay. Yet it isn’t the residual effects of 2016 and the continued touring, money and awards that carry over from such a momentous 2016 that make me declare Drake, just days into the new year as the winner for 2017, its one made up name, two syllables.

At 47 years old, JLo remains at the top of most men’s fantasy wish list for women. She has seemed to get better with age (or at least significantly delayed the process) and her success as an actress, singer, dancer and businesswoman continues to set standards in the industry.

Perhaps it’s because he is Canadian, or perhaps it is because he calls himself Champagne Papi, or perhaps its because he sings as much or more than he raps but Drake gets slept and hated on. His popularity and success have made him a candidate for criticism, but regardless to whatever degree the criticism is justified (including amongst others being called corny), he continues to rise, seeming to enjoy the “views” he talks about.

In a well publicized, though never actually acknowledged incident, Drake was punched by Sean “Diddy” Combs allegedly related to disrespect for taking the beat that resulted in the song “0 to 100”. There is a paraphrased expression that living well is the best revenge. Drake never retaliated against Puff for the punch, but many see his dating of Jennifer Lopez as the best revenge against a man we all assume still pines for her. “I Need a Girl” parts 1 and 2 were a long time ago, but everyone assumes that JLo is the one that got away for Puff.

Regardless of what we project, the “corny” kid from Canada continues to defy all odds with both his musical success as well as his ability to date some of the world’s most sought after women. No one believes that the Drake-JLo coupling will last. I’m not sure what the over-under is, but I would be surprised if they make past the Grammys (if even that long).

Less than a year ago Drake was publicly declaring his love for Rihanna. A few months ago he was publicly announcing his crush and desire to date 53 year old ESPN announcer Doris Burke. Years before that he announced his love and desire to marry Nicki Minaj and there are too many other women he has named checked and pined for in his songs for me to list.

Whatever you think of the crooning lothario, he stays winning. That’s why regardless of the timeframe of the “relationship” or even how it eventually ends, I announce Drake already as the winner for 2017. He is a testament to slow and stead winning the race. Perseverance wins and he embodies the “American Dream” of taking your best shot as a mean of achieving goals, regardless of what anyone else thinks of you.


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