I can see that the next four years are about to consist of a series of WTF moments. I need to take the surprise out of my voice, because the answer is definitively yes to the question of whether the wonders of lying, misinformation and propaganda will ever cease to amaze out of the Trump camp.

Many of us already think that politician are liars just above lawyers and only slightly below the devil. Well Trump’s camp seems hell bent on achieving the top spot.

The Trump camp spearheaded by Donald, Kellyanne Conway, White Chief of Staff Reince Preibus and White House press secretary Sean Spicer made an inauspicious White House debut by reaffirming Trump’s war on the press. Sean Spicer held his first press briefing right after the inauguration without taking one question from the press. Instead he addressed the press stating that they essentially needed to be held accountable for their deliberate dishonesty and attempts to somehow besmirch Trump’s presidency.

For the Trump camp reporting on matters of national security must be ignored or changed if they do not somehow show the newly elected president in a positive light. The press is corrupt for reporting on Russia”s hacking of our electoral process because it somehow unfairly questions the legitimacy of his victory.

Spicer’s diatribe at the briefing was spurred by pictures and reports stating that the attendance at Trump’s inauguration was considerably less than the attendance for Obama’s first inauguration in 2009.   The images were supposedly from the same time of day for both 2009 and 2017, showing contrasting crowd scenes that reflected much more available spacing for Trump.

With no facts to back up his claims Spicer announced that the press was misleading and that Trumps, inauguration was the “most watched and attended inauguration in history.” He further stated that the transit system numbers in D.C. far exceeded that for Obama’s inauguration.

The transit system’s own statements, that were available at the time of Spicer’s statement, were clear that the numbers of users for 2017 were considerably lower than for 2009. Additionally, while the National Parks service no longer gives official estimates concerning crowd sizes, the pictures do not lie. Yet, Spicer’s berating of the press did not contain one factual argument to support any of his claims of false or misleading reporting by the press.

Undeterred, by these facts, Kellyanne Conway did not defer from the party line that the press is against Trump. When pressed to explain the verified inaccuracy of Spicer’s claims, she simply suggested he used alternative facts. Excuse me while I laugh, as Chuck Todd, did of the use of “alternative facts”. I can almost taste the sting of a mother’s backhand as I lay claim to the fact that I wasn’t lying to her but instead using alternative facts.

The lie wouldn’t be the primary reason for the blow, instead more because of the affront to her intelligence in telling the secondary lie to bolster the initial lie. Clearly Trump’s people are less worried about the insults to our intelligence, because no matter how backed they are into a corner of truth and evidence, they simply huff, puff and throw a loud enough tantrum of unfairness to have us talking about any other issues other than the clear propaganda they are trying to force upon us.


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