Every so often a misguided soul will speak out against the loud voices of resistance, and suggest that “We” should somehow give Trump and his new administration the benefit of the doubt… How may I say this in the most disrespectful voice possible?… F you!

I only left out the uck out of respect for our younger readers, but believe me it was intended in italicized, bold caps. The only thing nice I can say about Trump is that he has been exactly the lying, egomaniacal, uber-sensitive troll that he showed and promised to be during his campaign.

The same man (and his assorted cronies) that called for widespread protests if he did not win because of his claims that the entire system is corrupt and fraudulent, is somehow mortally offended at the levels of protesters who should somehow get over it because he won the election so clear and convincingly. Of course his definition of clear and convincing conveniently leaves out voting improprieties that his administration refused to look into along with clear and indisputable evidence that Russia engaged in hacking to effect our elections. His reaction to that of course was to completely and repeatedly deny the reports by all our Intelligence Officials.

Trump has not shown a willingness to show compassion or empathy for anyone, so how are We supposed to be so forgiving for his daily transgressions, simply because he and his administration say so? I am not a blind proponent of one political party over another. I am a blind benefactor against social injustices and improprieties. The Republicans, once they gained control of the House and Senate, for the last six years of Obama’s Presidency, refused at every turn to work with the commander and chief of our nation for the sole and vindictive purposes, of showing their disdain and hostility. It was so personal, wrapped in the veneer of political ideological differences, that Republicans refused, though it is their Constitutional duty, to vote on Obama’s nomination for a Supreme Court Justice. Instead, they left the vacancy in place for 10 months hedging their bets on a victory in the presidential election.

Today we have a Republican president. We have a majority of Republicans in the Senate and Congress. This means that for all intent and purposes they will be able to implement legislation seamlessly for elitist and conservative agendas that are contrary to the actual demographic makeup of our country. With the political majorities, Republicans and the Trump administration talk frequently of having a referendum to implement their ideology with impunity. That is their legal right, but those policies should really try to take into consideration the voices of the actual majority of the voters, even if their voice technically lost.

The vocal and consistent protests are the only remedy that dissenting Americans have to ensure that their voices are in fact heard. For minimally the next two years (until mid-term elections) the political landscape is limited for resistance of policy. It is the voice of the American people that is the last remaining check and balance to let Republicans know that a president that loses the popular vote by more than 3 million votes has not established a referendum to do whatever he wants in total disregard to the wishes and wants of the actual majority of the United States’ voting population.

Beyond my opening salvo, this is not anger, but resilience speaking. Now more than ever, dissenting Americans must speak out loudly… protest in volume. These actions must be peaceful, but these must show the passion and dissent as the last resort in letting our politicians know that they cannot just disregard our wishes and wants because they think they have attained some kind of moral high ground to invoke policy.

The Republicans repeated and consistent unwillingness to be open, empathic and compromise does not deserve compassion and compromise in return. It deserves emphatic resistance at every turn because, the world needs to put pressure on our politicians for the social injustices that are occurring in the United States to the same extent we sanctimoniously police social injustices throughout the rest of the world.



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