Keeping the faith in humanity. It is always easier said than done. If you own a television or have access to the Internet, negativity appears to be around every corner… at your door step… in your living room… eating your food and drinking your liquor. If you have not already given up on people in general you have probably purchased the figurative ticket and are waiting in the check out line.

Humanity seems to be in perpetual turmoil. and those you personally know confound and disappoint as if a bonus was attached to your stress. Damn, thats a dark portrait of humanity, but we currently live in a heavy times in which turmoil is as commonplace as a Trump declaration of “Fake News”.

However, no matter how disappointing people can be, you must never lose faith in humanity. It is only with that faith that you keep yourself open and receptive to welcoming good people in your life. Someone who has lost faith in people or allowed themselves to be immersed in negativity is really cheating themselves out of opportunities for good. If you truly give up on people, that jadedness will often leave you unreceptive to people. “Why continue trying if people will inevitably disappoint?” Yet, that very attitude will keep you from the possibility of good.

You must remain open to the possibilities. Good can only come when you are open to receive it. That is exponentially more significant and true when it comes to our dealing with people. If we are closed or have completely given up on people, we are poised to miss out on those that can renew that faith.

No matter what you see headlined in the news and Internet, there are some really good people in the world. I would not put a percentage on good versus bad. Does that even matter? What is most important is that you allow that humans are imperfect beings. Some more good than bad as well as the opposite. It is your obligation to remain open and positive.

It does not happen every day, but when I meet really good people it always renews, or rather strengthens my faith in the good in people. It is one of life’s constant themes, but giving up is easy. Persevering through arduous circumstances is not always the easiest, but it still remains the best choice.

Keep the faith in humanity. Your own imperfections and subsequent growth should serve as the perfect example why we never give up on each other. The positive outlook reads well. Life is more complicated and less simple. However, maintaining positivity and faith is the only means of maintaining the balance necessary when outside influences present less than idyllic circumstances.




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