Mirror Mirror on the Wall…


The vanity of our society is probably at a all time high, but I am sure it will get much worse before it gets any better. While I deny casting any stones, I surely acknowledge that I do not live in any type of glass house. My vanity is indeed real and intact. I just choose to see it as manageable and in a healthy dose. I have 2 huge mirrors in my bathroom (They came with the house). Besides shaving, I actually use them as infrequently as possible.

I hate looking at myself in the mirror. Proud to say I have never taken any kind of selfie let alone a mirror selfie. I do not judge, but clearly I am an opinionated S.O.B. My opinion about mirrors is that I am simply confused.

How is that so many people are clearly enamored with looking at themselves in the mirror, yet walk out of the house looking so crazy. Admittedly there are probably many days I should have looked at a mirror before I walked out of the house looking crazy. Yet, I wonder how so many who I know love their mirrors, actually walk out the house looking like caricatures?

I am no fashion maven. I will never be asked to style anyone or appear on television as a image consultant. I am no expert, just a people watcher that loves the differences in our shapes, sizes, colors and styles, no matter how confusing it may sometimes be. Hell, I have walked Lucky, so far exceeding the legal ashy limit that if anyone can confused me for a sub-saharan refugee seeking asylum after walking hundreds of miles in the desert, it would have been a fair assumption. I took calculated risks that no one was going to see me on those walks, only to run into friendly neighbors that could have tried to sue me for temporary blindness or as a fire hazard for the sparks I could have emitted from by ashiness.

I have tried to limit my faux pas to a two block vicinity of  my residence, with minimal human interaction. The vast majority of the time I am successful. Style and appearance is totally subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Again, I never judge, just observe, with most of my opinions truly bordering gone the curious. I don’t get high waisted pants on women with slime figures. I do not get big girls in crop tops. I do not get men (especially if not really really slender) in skinny jeans. I do not get boys/men with their pants down by their ass. I do not get women with make up that channels the raccoon look.

Clearly there is much I do not get, but I respect everyone’s rights to and sense of style, regardless of whether I like it or not. Just some styles or choices are so interesting, they beg the question of whether the mirror holds a vendetta in not replying truthfully to the question I know so many ask.




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