Mike Pence and other Conservatives should not be mocked for having morals and ethics. Morals and ethics should be the basis and foundation of any evolved and empathetic society. Someone who chooses to live their lives governed by a a strong moral fabric should be at the very least respected. Applause may be to much, but a respectful recognition of those that try and choose to “do the right thing” is admirable.

Much is said and written about the declining moral values that permeate our society today. There may be truths in such claims, but what is more important is to understand that those claims have been made by every older generation…forever. As the world, through technology, has gotten smaller the images and stories that permeate our news feeds and consciousness suggest that immorality and evil somehow seem to be winning over good. Again, the subjectivity of any such argument is your slant or agenda for promoting and controlling the narrative and having more influence on what people are being told and shown.

The problem with Mike Pence and other Conservatives is not that they have (or claim to have) high morals and values. Again, morals and values in and of themselves are admirable. The problem comes with religious and political leaders somehow using their morality and ethics as a sanctimonious platform and agenda to try and force their views and lifestyles on the rest of us.

Ethics and morals should be taught at home, while you are growing up. It is okay for them to be reinforced or retaught in places of worships for people seeking that guidance. However, the politicizing and legislating of morals and ethics by people like Pence who seem to be stuck in a time warp of an idealized Americas from the 1950s should be feared and fought at every turn. There is nothing more disturbing or dangerous than people who have determined that they are somehow the arbiter, judge and jury of the standard of morality and ethics that all people need to follow.

It is one of those ironies in life that the supposedly pious, somehow become more inflexible and rigid to other people’s lives, circumstances and stories, instead only really concerned about their own agendas that they have determined should be the rule of law for all. America is supposed to be a democratic society. People are supposed to have choices. We understand under that rule of law, people will make mistakes and even bad choices. However, do not get it twisted. There is a significant difference between criminal laws, (which unfortunately still have too much of a moral subjectivity placed on certain crimes and sentencing guidelines) and laws created to legislate morality.

Again, teach morality and ethics, and by teach I mean at home or voluntary houses of worship. What we as a free society cannot accept is small groups of people, emboldened by faith and/or beliefs controlling what the rest of us can do see and experience, within some legal limits governing physically hurting others. Even now I see proponents of faith based legislation using abortion as a retort to the hurting others premise. They are entitled to their beliefs, just not controlling every circumstance in which a woman may control what happens within her body. Additionally the moral fabric of that argument loses credibility when you look at people against one supposed form of killing but staunchly in favor of others (i.e. the death penalty) and against any forms of gun control knowing the levels of gun violence and death that are endemic to American society.

My point is, legislate through the true will of the majority of our people, not the moral high ground of the self anointed few.




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