I am not Deepak Chopra, but over the years I have learned a few things about human nature, particularly as it relates to the cause and effect that is derived from both the positive and negative energy we emit.

All too often people live in a perpetual state of “why” related to the negative in their lives. Whether it is related to finances (or more specifically lack of them), failures to find love or enduring relationships or overall happiness with life and the people that are in our lives, people immersed in turmoil constantly ask why they so consistently and perpetually seem to live in such a state.

Of course sometimes that answer is complex. Sometimes the reasons are completely outside of your grasp and control. Yet, far more often than the not, the “why” is “you”. It is lost on so many that they are in fact the biggest obstacle(s) to their own happiness and success.

One of life’s many truisms is that “for every action there is a reaction.” The statement is part of Newton’s 3 laws of motion, but besides the physics it explains, the statement is almost equally relevant as part of human psychology and behavior. We cannot control others or varied circumstances. What we can control is the engry that we put forth in the world. The more positive energy you put forth, the more positive reactions you will receive in return. The more negative energy you put forth, the more likelihood of negativity being returned in your direction.

This is of course an oversimplification, but sometimes life really is not that complicated. Positive people are attracted to good and positive energy. They generally want to stay away from negative, and someone who exudes negativity is often difficult to help. The person who always feels as if bad things happen to them, or that they have bad luck or are constantly victimized by others is not generally putting forth the type of energy necessary to change their circumstances.

If you always expect things to be bad, chances are you will, subconsciously or otherwise, continue to put yourself in positions in which the self-fulfilling prophecies eventually come true. Like minded people gravitate towards or are attracted to one another. If you are particularly positive, thats what will generally be attracted to you. The same goes for negativity.

Positive people find it difficult to be around and/or help negative people. We all accept that life can be difficult. However, how you respond to those difficulties largely determines how much people want to be around you and even help. The more positive you even attempt to be, is generally rewarded by others recognizing that energy, and in part rewarding it.

My life has had many ups and downs. I have not always lived in a perpetual state of positivity. However, once I recognized, first by coming to the realization with perspective, that the blessings that I have received in life, compared to so many others, far outweigh any of the detriments, I never allowed myself more than a few minutes of momentary negativity to ever engulf my mindset or words ever again.

That realization and change have only bolstered my blessings. I am not the most social or charismatic person to begin with. Yet, when I am around people, my energy is always genuinely positive. Perspective and growth have shown that allowing negativity to creep into my mind and interactions is so counter-productive to a balanced and positive life, that simply do not allow it, regardless of how tough circumstances may be. I fight through it, never losing sight that I can only control my outlook and frame of mind and a negative one will not benefit me in any manner.




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