By: Richard Ray


They call it a “Grind” for a reason. If it was easy to be successful…happy…rich…fulfilled…famous…then everyone would be.

I know within some variations everyone wants to have success and minimally financial comfort or stability. Yet, everyone does not realize the effort or energy needed to achieve success, and even if they think they know, are they willing to do everything it takes to put in the time necessary?

I am so far removed from achieving my goals. They are constantly changing and while it would be accurate to say that I have accomplished a few things in life, I still see my life from the perspective of a glass half-filled, and I am still working on filling it to the brim.

So what do I do? I stay on my grind all the time. Now, unlike my misguided youth, this no longer means I do not smell the roses or live in the moment related to my pursuits. In fact, part of the Grind includes a full appreciation of the journey called life. The Grind is not just about money and materialism. It is about fulfilling one’s destiny. It is about becoming the best man or woman possible. It is about having peace and stability in your life.

That is the Grind I am committed to. The one in which I will look at trying to accomplish all of my personal and professional goals  while also achieving balance related to my spirituality and growth. These pursuits never stop. I know it is not easy, but I am committed to putting in the work and the time… I stay on my Grind.



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