By Richard Ray:


Like millions I tuned in to watch James Comey’s hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The prior evening he released a seven page letter that served as his official statement, so I tuned in not expecting any more revelations to come from his appearance that was not covered in the well presented statement letter.

True to form, beyond Comey actually calling Trump a liar on an International stage there was nothing new revealed by Comey’s actual appearance before the committee. At least regarding what was shown and available to the public. We may not know for quite some time, if ever, how powerful any revelations may have been during his subsequent private and closed session with the committee. Though with the state of leaks these days, that closed session hearing may be part of next weeks news cycle.

As much as Comey’s testimony was must see television and even historically relevant, what did it change if anything? Excuse my pessimism for a minute, but it seems that there are simply two schools of thought and irrespective of what information is revealed, both parties have made up their minds and will re-shape any narrative to fit their position.

Trump and his supporters are immune to logic, reason and apparently the truth. Or at least they cherry pick truths as long as they are favorable to Trump and his administration. They agreed and declared vindication when Comey acknowledged that Trump was not personally under investigation regarding Russia (at that time). However, of course everything else Comey said were lies. No matter how implausible such a take, it was carried out by Trump personally (via Tweets of course) and his multiple surrogates, including his personal attorney as well as the Pro-Trump media outlets like Fox News and Breitbart.

Opponents of Trump, or even those that have simply made up their mind that he was guilty of some type of obstruction, regardless of whether it fits into the legal requirements that would allow for impeachment, saw Comey’s testimony as definitive proof of Trump’s bad faith actions.

Nothing new actually came from Comey’s testimony, and in this present climate where something precedent setting politically seems to occur nearly every other day, hearing the recent and now former Director of the FBI call the current President of the United States a liar multiple times to the Senate in a very public format is somehow the new normal. Opponents of Trump look at every piece of information as further proof of his impending undoing. These claims and perceived victories often lack realism and real time perspective. Let’s face it, a President who’s party controls both the House and Senate, in a time when partisan politics make this country as divided as ever, will be hard to remove under any circumstance irrespective of how clear and convincing the evidence may appear.

I am paraphrasing but Trump infamously said during his campaign that he could go on Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and not lose any votes. His supporters seem to be willing to almost literally prove his point. Logic, reason, facts and the truth are no impediments to the unwavering support Trump receives from his base and certain media outlets. They have made up their minds and nothing anyone says, including Trump himself, will change the support they seem intent to give.

The Comey Hearings were historically interesting, but we all need to curb our expectations that these public hearings are little more than a charade, to pacify both sides who will inevitably see victory and validation irrespective of any information disseminated.



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