By Richard Ray:


Let us celebrate all men that are father’s be it biologically or not. Now I know some of you ladies hold it down yourselves for two, but today isn’t “disgruntled babies mother day”. Today is all about the men.

No one is a stauncher supporter for mothers, especially ones that do it on their own, but just like we don’t really prop up single father’s on mother’s day, you don’t get to steal all the shine, regardless of whether you play the dual roles, on father’s day. If you keep it up, we will have to add “the bad choices you make in men day.” But I digress. Cause today is a day to celebrate men!

I have a brother and many friends who I consider great fathers. I extend the recognition for a job that they all simply say they are supposed to be doing. Nonetheless, you are appreciated.


I want to give special recognition to men like “Tony”. He and his wife initially took in a young boy from troubling circumstances. The boy, and his two sisters were removed from their biological mother’s care and recognizing the male figure the young boy needed he and his wife eventually were able to adopt the boy. The sisters, who were in the care of his other family members were doing well, but needed further structure. Tony and his wife then brought the girls into their home, reunited on a full time basis with their brother.

The story gets more interesting. Tony, who works for the state, found out the the three kids’ biological mother had two more children and those two ended up placed with the state as well. After initially just wanting the three older kids to have a connection to their much younger siblings, a decision was quickly made to reunite them all permanently. It is men like Tony (and of course his wonderful wife) who epitomize what fatherhood can be all about. He and his wife never had children biologically, yet are raising 5 kids ages 3-15 in a nurturing, loving and safe environment.

They didn’t have to do any of this, but they did. All 5 kids are wonderful. They are well mannered, and well adjusted. Tony comes from a huge family and there is a extended support network for the kids with several aunts and uncles. The older kids have issues, understanding some of the circumstances involving their mother, but overall they are embraced as family… not adopted, or fostered.

I have other friends, like Tony, who are shining examples of fatherhood, even admist strained relationships with ex-wives or the mother of their children. I know others, there when needed, financially, physically or emotionally. This is not a competition, and examples like Tony are not given to challenge or compare to others. No, Father’s Day is simply a celebration of men who do whats needed to help children.


Mom’s are sometimes under appreciated, but more often than not we recognize and celebrate them. Dad’s, in my opinion less so. So on this day designated for them lets do just that. Let’s keep it positive. Focus on the good dads, and if that situation somehow does not apply to you, don’t spoil it for everyone else.

There are some really great men out there. Some good guys, many average, just doing the best they can. If any of them are fathers. let’s show how much we appreciate them. Men need and deserve the recognition the same way we justifiably give to the wonderful mothers out there, even if just for one day.



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