By Richard Ray:


HBO just recently completed a marathon replaying of all six seasons of the Game of Thrones in preparation for its upcoming 7th and final season. Much can be said regarding the award winning and tremendously popular series, but my take is while the story is fictional and based in medieval times, the character of King Joffrey was based on Donald Trump’s thirst for power and eventual presidency.

Joffrey was a teenaged King in both age and mentality. He was hypersensitive to any slight whether perceived or real. He was consumed by totalitarian power and was dismissive of all his well more learned advisors at every turn and his tone death understandings of his actions contributed to his ultimate demise.

Trump’s eventual legacy is far from certain, but while he is an older man, his response and sensitivity to criticism and slights are the equivalent to a petulant child… someone like Game of Thrones King Joffrey. Trump’s sword of choice these days seems to be Twitter. A weapon he brandishes recklessly, seemingly against the advice of all advisors to banish his many critics and detractors, including all of the free press not named Fox News.

I imagine that every current White House Advisor and spokesperson starts each day with a mantra (that might have to be repeated hourly during the day) “to do their best to appease and pacify the child like orange man who wants to be King, unencumbered by principals like democracy and will of the people.”

I joke, sort of, but it is clear that for an uber sensitize president, who does not like bad news toward his agenda let alone actual personal criticism, his advisors and underlings are on strict orders to deliver news that does not automatically set off an uncontrollable Twitter storm. In Game of Thrones, Joffrey would just order off with their heads. Trust if permitted, Trump would deliver much more definitive blows to his perceived enemies, but for now Twitter as a means of controlling the narrative will do.

I am no fan of Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer or Sarah Huckabee Sanders. They are guardians of the throne and clearly it cannot be an easy job to defend the realm when its actions are so often indefensible. Yet, they do their jobs vigilantly. Why Bill Cosby did not hire Kellyanne to do PR/spin control prior to his trials is beyond me.  In “Game” nearly every pre-battle scene is filled with a roundtable of allegiance to whomever would be king. I imagine that is every Trump Staff meeting. Yet, even before the staff meets with Trump they repeat their mantras to appease and pacify. It’s the only way I could imagine that anyone could defend such false narratives and turmoil… the allegiance to the Throne has to be repeated early and often, then eventually you believe it enough to defend it to the end. Trump just better hope his reign ends (metaphorically) better than Joffrey’s. Even wannabe kings can not fight wars, make enemies and never take advice from true and experienced advisors unafraid of speaking the truth, without a risk to ending their reign and destroying their legacy.



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