Domestic Violence


By Richard Ray:


I know I am King Oversimplification at times, but when it comes to the issue of domestic violence, and avoiding it… the answer is almost always to walk away.

I read of violent domestic violence incidents daily. They are always nonsensical and tragic. Men hurting women… women hurting men… parents hurting children… children hurting their parents or other siblings. One of the most recent news tragedies in the headlines (because unfortunately these stories are so common, they often do not get headlines unless the cases are deemed sensational) was the arrest of a woman in Gwinnett County, Georgia who was arrested for the murder of her male partner and their four children all under the age of 10. A fifth child, also under 10, was transported to the hospital with serious wounds. All were stabbed. I do not know of the motives behind the woman’s actions, but whatever she may one day reason, almost all of these acts, when not falling under self defense, are senseless.


The people we claim to love and/or related to have the ability to push our buttons like no other. Emotions, feelings, false pride often run high within our families or relationships. This, however, can never be an excuse to hurt those that are closest to us. I know that this may sound easier than any moment in which you are caught up in emotions or feeling, but simply and literally, walk away. Walk around the block 20 times, take a drive. Do whatever you need to do to either calm yourself down, or alternatively remove yourself from someone who is unable to calm themselves.

That cooling off period may only need to be for minutes, depending on who you are as well as the person the you are having an issue with. If minutes aren’t sufficient, it may be hours, days or forever. What is most important is to remove yourself from any situation likely to turn violent, whether you are the aggressor or the potential recipient of aggression.

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Every situation involving domestic disputes is different. Whether there has been infidelity, jealously, greed, monetary issues, rivalry, it does not matter. Domestic violence should never occur. Infidelity is not a justification or excuse. If he/she cheats then leave him/her. There are literally millions of other men and women out there. Starting over, even losing a nuclear family sucks, but going to jail or death is a far worse alternative.

I understand that emotions, particularly in the heat of moments are hard to control, but you have to. It may be easier said than done, but nonetheless it must be done.



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