By Richard Ray


Life has a very unfunny sense of humor. It never forgets to remind you that just when you think you have things figured out… there is always a reminder you do not.

There are times when it comes in the form of pleasant surprises. It can be renewing our faith in humanity, just when we thought all was lost or in despair. More often than not, those surprises are less pleasant, testing our faith and positivity. Whatever form it may come in, life assures and reminds us that that only thing that is predictable about it, is its unpredictability.

With age, we assume, comes at least a degree of wisdom. Many of us feel that our lives equate to a series of “been there done that moments. That experience/wisdom starts to empower us moments of feeling that we have “things” figured out. By things I do not necessarily mean “life” in general, but elements within life that were unknown or just confounding when we were younger or less experienced. Those “things” could be our jobs/career, parenting, relationships, money matters, our views on understanding human nature.

Yet, whatever those “things” may be… no matter how learned we are, or stable things may appear, life rears it unpredictable head to remind us that there is still so much to learn and understand. Even the most ardent control freak, must accept how much of life is simply just out of our control. Death and tragedy are the easiest and darkest examples, but so too can be falling in love… the circumstances and people are often unexpected and unplanned.

So is this a suggestion that since life is ultimately unpredictable that we should eschew planning and strategy? Of course not. Preparedness is still one of the greatest tools any of us can have in our respective quests for success. There is still little substitute for hard work, creating opportunities and having a plan in life…Yet, even the greatest strategies must allow for plans to expect the unknown (x-factors).

Part of accepting the unpredictability of life is to strike a balance in accepting what we cannot control, both the positive as well as negative. Life is to be lived… we never conquer it or figure it out. No matter how successful you become or intuitive you may be, there will always be reminders that the universe is so much greater than any scope of understanding we may claim to achieve… Our jobs are to simply enjoy the journey.




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