By Richard Ray:


I saw clips of the press conference organized by attorney Lisa Bloom, daughter of another publicity seeking lawyer, Gloria Allred.  She was accompanied by Quantasia Sharpton who is one of three plaintiffs that Lisa Bloom is filing suit for against singer Usher’s alleged failure to warn, as required by California law of their exposure to an STD… in this case herpes. The other two plaintiffs, one a man and another a woman, remain presently anonymous related to the lawsuit.


Let me start by saying that I believe that we are all morally, ethically, and in some states, legally responsible for informing sexual partners of our Sexually Transmitted Disease status and this includes potentially dormant diseases like herpes or genital warts. Minimally if you, like it is alleged with Usher, are the one who has contracted an STD it is your absolute obligation to engage in protected forms of physical contact, especially intercourse with anyone. People have the right to be informed. People have the right to be protected.

I do not know if the allegations against Usher are true. The recent lawsuits were spawned by reports that Usher paid out $1.2 million to a celebrity stylist for giving her herpes. The reported revealed by Radar Online has not been substantiated as true and of course Usher has not publicly spoken out, but Lisa Bloom filed the suit, claiming that there are more potential plantiffs contacting her, based solely on people who have claimed to have had sex with Usher and thus been exposed to herpes because the sex was unprotected and he did not warn them of his STD status.

What should not be lost in this filed suit by Lisa Bloom, is that beside there being no present proof that Usher engaged in a sexual relationship with any of these plaintiffs (and there is no disparaging joke hidden related to Ms. Sharpton’s appearance, only an acknowledgement that a relationship with any of the 3 is yet unproven). I believe that all three are actually saying that they have tested negative for herpes. Again, I understand the law making it mandatory to inform someone of your STD status, and trumping the law is the moral and ethical obligation to do so, yet, I remain confused how you are traumatized to the point of needing financial renumeration from a lawsuit when the accused person did not in fact transmit any communicable disease to you and you actually only found out recently so it is not like you could have lived in fear over your status for long if at all.

If Usher has herpes, was aware of his status and failed to have protected sex and never informed others he is dead wrong. If he then transmitted herpes or any other STD to others, he should have to pay something for his actions… but society has gotten so carried away with baseless lawsuits, by attorneys who bring meritless suits with little repercussion and more often than not will be paid to go away, that we are now suing people for having diseases that they never in fact gave to us.

I will of course acknowledge that cases are often more complex, than press releases or synopsis allow, but in a press conference that the plaintiffs gave, with the ability to lay out their grievance uninterrupted, I am still having a hard time understanding the basis for the lawsuit if the plaintiffs are indeed free of having herpes. I understand under the law that Usher had an obligation to notify these individuals, but how were they in fact damaged?… which is the ultimate point of any such suit. I guess we will all have to stay tuned, because these are just presently allegations. Nonetheless important lessons can be gained, even if at Usher’s expense. Unprotected sex is costly on so many levels and everyone has an obligation to inform others of their STD status.




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