By Richard Ray:


I started a year ago. I have written over 350 pieces in that time frame. I am often asked how am I able to write so prolifically as well as if I ever get stuck for material to write about daily? The answer is twofold; I love what I do and subject matter is never an issue because. Between the past US election cycle and subsequent results, there is never a shortage of subjects to write about. In fact the issue is really about choosing amongst all the topical issues.

Turmoil has been the exhausting reality of our lives for a while now. The United States has been immersed in war for 16 years. The country experienced one of its greatest economic recessions in its history recently and in the last year we experienced a contentious presidential election that saw a political neophyte break all the conventional rules and emerge victorious. Yet, instead of signaling a new beginning for the United States, Trump’s administration has been immersed in scandal and upheaval primarily promulgated by the irrational behavior of the Commander In Least AKA King Tweet.

The news, weather “fake” or real has been exhausting. Every day we see a world in chaos, and as a nation we are firmly divided. Most of us are not inspired with confidence or security with the current administration in charge. The threat of an actual nuclear war with North Korea seems all too real. The president needs his “Wag the Dog” distraction from the ever tightening noose of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into any possible collusion with the Trump administration and Russia’s interference in our election and we are all left grasping how far will he go to deflect.

As a writer, I am exhausted by the negativity. The storylines are there, but it is like groundhog day where we seem to be living in the same altered universe every day, with just minor variations as to the details. The challenge is really to stay positive amidst all the chaos. Do not misunderstand my point. Negative and unpleasant subject matter must be discussed and reported. We all need to be informed no matter how exhausting it may be. Tough subjects, including social injustices, must be addressed and we cannot let the overall heaviness of news affect our willingness to discuss tough topics.

We just cannot let the negativity and chaos defeat our positive outlook on life. I know it is indeed hard some days, but we must maintain perspective both in our personal lives as well as the overall viewpoint of humanity. We must remain resilient. We must remain informed. We cannot let heavy subjects and negativity defeat our outlook. The turmoil will probably get worse before it gets better. I live with the faith and understanding that it will get better. Any other perspective is simply a loss of hope.




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