By Richard Ray:


This is not even about politics. This is about human decency and Donald Trump has proven that there is no ceiling or floor to the depths that he will go to show his lack of compassion for anyone that isn’t a sycophant, elitist or White Supremacist…

Trump received non-partasin backlash for not directly condemning White Nationalists after the violent clashes in Charlottesville , Virginia as well as the intentional murder of 1 and injuring of at least 15 others when a White Supremacist purposely hit counter-protestors to the rally.

Trump eventually came out and made a second more direct statement condemning hate… too little too late, but just in case his base was unsure and possibly offended in the same day he announced that he may potentially pardon former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is in jail for contempt in violating a judge’s order in his continued use of illegal stops and detention roundups of Hispanics as possible illegals despite any probable cause to do so.

The un-coincidental talk about Joe Arpaio on the day he was supposed to be forcefully condemning hate groups, was a clear nod to his base and the Alt-right that he had their back. Just in case you think I am being cynical and conspiratorial, days later Trump further clarified his support of White Supremacists/White Nationalists with an impromptu press conference in which he actually defended the peaceful and legal (because they had obtained permits) protesters of the removal of the Confederate Robert E. Lee statute and implored the press to do their work and recognize the unlawful and violent Alt-left protesters. Before you could choke on digesting his stand, he further added that these counter-protesters somehow bared some of the responsibility for the violence that ensued in Charlottesville.

Let me recap… the President of the United States went out of his way to somehow praise some of the “good people” in a rally sponsored by several confirmed terror and hate groups (KKK and Neo-Nazis were confirmed speakers in the rally). One of these members intentionally got in a car and hit 20 people, killing 1 and critically injuring at least 5 others. He never called this act a terroristic one, though he has used that language immediately in several other similar cases in London and France. Yet, despite these facts, he somehow has called the counter protesters to hate groups violent and responsible for standing up to hate… and presumably for inciting James Field Jr. to purposely plow his car into 20 people.


GTFOH… these attempts by Trump to pacify and appease his base are so morally reprehensible that any continued support and defense of this man are no longer acceptable…on any level… This is beyond politics… this is about someone expressing even a minimal standard of decency for humanity…. This is about someone able to represent the true values of what America is supposed to stand for… which is justice for all, not upholding the status quo and power structure of White males at the exclusion of everyone else.

America is not a homogeneous, Caucasian, Eurocentric society. It’s original natives were people of color. Even when it was colonized it included Black people. They may not have been equal citizens at the time, but they have been here since the beginning and are indisputably responsible for the economic growth of the Nation. Immigration from all parts of the world eventually became part of America’s calling. The first English settlers were essentially outcasts who came here seeking a better life…That has been the reason for nearly every immigrant’s reason for coming here… as was Donald Trump’s grandfather who was an immigrant  from Germany… as are Donald Trump’s first and third wives.

Anyone who supports Donald Trump is supporting and condoning White Supremacy/White Nationalism. There is no way to separate his support of this base with any other element of his politics or ideology. If you support Trump on any level at this point you are effectively supporting his base. You are effectively supporting White Supremacy/White Nationalism. This is not an overreaction or reach… It is time to call a spade a spade and a racist supporter… a racist… and if you are not denouncing racism verbally and with your actions… you are supporting it.




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