By Richard Ray:


I have written before that “Racists are Immune to Logic and Reason.” However, even that generalization can be made to cover a broader spectrum of people.

Calling someone a fool is completely subjective and rude. That label and other name calling should be refrained from whenever possible. However, (the perfect transition to some disrespect soon to follow) there are some people and instances in which such a description is almost entirely objective and the least offensive of all adjectives that could be used.


The divisiveness that exists in the United States is undeniable. Perhaps it has always existed, particularly as women, and POC were striving to be given basic voting and civil rights. A fundamental element of free speech and having united states representing one nation is supposed to be the notion that we are able to disagree but still have the ability to come together as one.

Well that very premise is being challenged once again, lead in large part to a president that fans the flames of divisiveness early and often in attempts to appeal to a base that has a very limited and revisionist understanding of history and the empathy that is required to make this nation great and move forward.

The United States is a country of immigrants. The United States is a country of mult-iethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious beliefs. All of our differences should make us culturally enriched more than divided. Instead a vocal minority of the present majority vociferously declare their lack of empathy for all threats real and perceived to their status quo as the predominate ruling party politically and economically.

Of course, where you are in that spectrum, ultimately shapes your opinions. However, if someone is a devout fool, no matter the logic or rational you try to impart to helping someone understand the perspectives of others, they are immune to understanding any other point of view. I am a big proponent of intelligent discourse. I disagree with many, but am open to at least trying to under their perspective. I am equally open to trying to help someone else understand things and perspectives that they may just be unfamiliar with. However, once it becomes clear that someone is only entrenched in their own ideology, and refuses to learn or hear any others, then well… you are dealing with a fool or ignorance.


This does not mean that everyone has to agree. But, people unwilling to listen to “facts” and logic are people to either avoid or ignore. You are not going to change their minds or influence their thinking and your efforts to argue with them are a waste. Again, differences are not ideal, but can be respected when based in thought and facts. Those that choose to ignore all logic and reason will not change based on your accord, if ever.

Remain open and patient to teaching people and sharing our different cultures and perspectives, but understand that not everyone is worthy or willing to see anything other than what their small and narrow minds are able to process.





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