By Richard Ray:


I often refer to Donald Trump as the Commander in Least. In reality he is more likely the Commander in Tweet.

Donald Trump is only the second United States President to have Twitter at his disposal, but it has been clear that he is unafraid to use the social media platform as an unfiltered communicative tool. His staunchest supporters love his lack of filter (though those same supporters do not appear affected by any of his questionable methodology).

Many critics find Trump’s tweets, that often take place late at night or early morning, as emotionally reactive and beneath the dignity of a US President. Many of his comments both as president and prior are snarky posts to perceived critics. Some clearly have no issue with it, while others see defensive and emotional outbursts from a grown man that really are generally frowned upon as effective modes of communication by grown people who are well aware that Twitter wars rarely ever have a winner.




Twitter and social media, despite any attempts to delete conversations and posts, are ultimately permanent archives of your thoughts and words. The platforms were initially largely responsible for energizing and communicating with a base that lead to his campaign and eventual win as president. However, now as president, Trump seems to have forgotten that a far wider demographic is looking at and scrutinizing his every word.

For a base that may care little about facts and truths, but more focused on ideology, Twitter and social media served a distinct purpose. However, now as President of the United States, the tone of his words are nearly as important as the words themselves. Far too often Trump’s tweets appear made from a petulant child mad when he does not get his way.

The tweets are also judged for the contradictions and seeming hypocrisy from previous stands announced by earlier tweets. I am unsure if Trump truly understands this fact. While his Twitter history and inconsistencies may have little meaning to his base, they will stand for all posterity as a testament to the many different hypocritical, irrational and irritable tones he took as America’s alleged Commander in Chief. The tweets will be part of his legacy and as someone that seems to truly care about how others view him, you would think that more care would be taken in delivering words that will live on forever.





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