By Richard Ray:


The office of the Presidency of the United States should normally command the highest respect, regardless of where you stand in your political ideology.

Yet, the hypocrisy that is a fixture from the Trump administration has diminished the prominence and respect for a United States President in large part because of the bombastic, divisive and juvenile antics of the present office holder. For many years Donald Trump has used the press, which he now denounces, as a tool to promote his self serving interest and public outcries against all foes perceived and real.

The latest self serving hypocrisy by the present administration comes in White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, then followed up by Trump himself, denouncing ESPN sportscaster Jemele Hill and calling for her firing after she tweeted that Trump was a White Supremacist, supported by White Supremacist and otherwise unqualified for office.

Normally, whether I agreed with a statement or not, I could see how someone’s negative public statement’s about a US President could be a fireable offense, but the Trump administration has lost any and all credibility to feign indignation at any attacks because of the divisive rhetoric that has consistently come out of Trump, his administration and his supporters.

What moral high ground is left to call for someone’s firing for calling Trump a White Supremacist when: Trump invited Ted Nugent to the White House inspite (or because) of the fact he once offered to put his rifle in Barack Obama’s mouth and hang Hilary Clinton for treason. Jemele Hill’s attack on Trump was indeed personal, but fell far from threatening. So he and his administration can spare us all the indignation that comes with the backlash of all of Trump’s incendiary rhetoric and actions that have lead to so much resistance of his presidency.

The office of the presidency should normally be respected, but under a doctrine of unclean hands, Donald Trump has lost all credibility and rights to demand respect when he (as well as his supporters) has been so disrespectful to the office in the past. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot be bombastic and divisive with your rhetoric. Defending yourself is not an excuse either. The president is supposed to be above childish tit for tat, and once you have stooped to such levels you can no longer feign indignation at slights delivered in your direction.

With perfect timing, as if to further substantiate his support of White Supremacy, on the same day that Jemele Hill was being admonished by ESPN and the White House, Trump made sure to double down on his doubling down that the White Supremacist protesters of Charlottesville were opposed by really bad characters on the other side. Nothing like diminishing the exploits of hate groups then to point out that protesters and opposition to hate were somehow as bad if not worse then the hate groups themselves.



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