By Richard Ray:


On September 1st, 8 year old Dante Daniels from Sacramento, California was brutally beaten to death with a hammer by his mother’s ex-boyfriend. 23 years old Deandre Chaney Jr. was performing a criminal sexual act on Deandre’s 7 year old sister when the boy tried to intervene. The children were left alone, asleep with Chaney when their mother, 28 year old Elizabeth Salone drove her brother to work. Upon returning she heard her children and when she came into the room she was also attacked with a hammer, tied up and had lighter fluid poured on her. Dante’s sister was additionally attacked with the hammer and stabbed. Both mother and daughter are still recovering from their injuries.

Beside the murder and assaults, Chaney was also charged with failure to register as a sex offender. I do not presently know the extent of his earlier sexual assault conviction. Nor is it presently known if Dante’s mother Elizabeth was aware of his past as a sex offender.

Many people falsely assume that people with supposed liberal political views are somehow soft on crime. Perhaps a segment are, but I would hypothesize that even most so called liberals are in agreement that when it comes to crimes like the ones that were allegedly committed by Deandre Chaney Jr., even death is insufficient as a punishment for his heinous acts. If there is a hell, I would hope that there is a special place reserved for the Deandre Chaney Jr.’s of the world.

Abusing children, women and the defenseless is just one of a series of indefensible acts that show humanity at its worst and lowest form. The death penalty or life in prison seem almost too humane for defendants like Chaney and one’s heart can only go out to Dante’s family and the continued recovery of his mother and sister. Dante’s grandmother was quoted as saying “My granddaughter will need a lot of help.” Beyond the needed physical recovery, I would imagine the young girl would require years of psychological help as well.

The word is often used, but Dante Daniels was a true hero. The 8 year old literally gave up his life to protect his sister. Additionally, Dante’s heroism did not stop upon his immediate death. His heart was used to save a 4 year old in need. If you or anyone you know is able, https://www.gofundme.com/wtmdy-tragedy has been set up to help Dante’s family.

An eight year old boy I will never meet has inspired me… I have double checked, making sure that I am indeed an organ donor. I have always viewed myself as someone who would give my life for my loved ones… 8 year old Dante Daniel proved to be all of the man I have worked hard to become.




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