By Richard Ray:


Donald Trump really has things twisted. People Of Color (POC) have long accepted “Make America Great Again” as code for some Caucasians wanting to relive the good ole days in which their superiority and rule of law was unimpeded and unchallenged. Whites are still the present majority in the United States. In the US Senate and Congress, Whites are still disproportionately in place to effectuate policies and laws.

Yet while POC may not have yet achieved equal footing with Whites in political power and influence, the days in which we cower down to Whites and “stay in our place” is long gone, and if that is what it will take for some to feel America is Great Again… well tough s***!

No matter how emboldened White Nationalists/Supremacists may feel with a Trump Administration in place, people, starting with Trump, need to understand that they are not dealing with passive and timid Negroes of their Grandfather and even father’s generations. POC are also emboldened with a greater knowledge of their rights, and economic viability in influencing commerce and the culture and threats to stay in our place are no longer the status quo.


Instead of talking about the root of the NFL player protests, lead by Colin Kaepernick, which is the disproportionate police shootings and brutality of POC as well as racial inequality in America, Trump, like many others, has managed to make the protests against America, the flag and our military. That has never been the source or basis of the protest to kneel during the anthem and the peaceful and legal protests have been bastardized as another talking point for divisiveness.

Trump’s stand that players who peacefully protest should be fined or fired and are son of bitches plays well in rallys in Alabama and Arizona, but POC are unimpressed and unbowed. In fact his words, directed to a bunch of young Black Millionaires emboldened more of them to protest than ever before. Perhaps the reason or message of the original kneeling protest has been lost, but Trump’s incendiary language was enough to spur others to actions when many had been previously silent on the subject.

We know that White Supremacists/Nationalists and hate groups have been emboldened by Trump, but an irony is that these groups may see that POC are also becoming more emboldened to fight back. This is not the turn the other cheek, send the dogs and water hoses as we take whatever is directed toward us passively Negro.

This is a generation that will fight back, literally and figuratively. Resistance is growing and more vocal and POC are not going to fearfully allow calls for us to stay in our place or else stop our voices from being heard. In fact those calls may do little more than make us resist louder and stronger.




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