By Richard Ray:


With the very notable exception of cash, quality almost always rules over quantity.

We increasingly live in a world where people measure self worth by the number of Facebook Friends, Instagram and Twitter Followers as well as Snapchat views they have accumulated. If you are using the Internet as a business and revenue source, I totally get it, followers, views and likes can equal cash. However, for everyone else, it can give you a skewered sense of priorities and worth to feel like you need a ton of likes as validation.

Friends are a perfect example where quality really trumps quantity. Four thousand Facebook friends is no substitute for 1 or 2 people that really have your back in life. It is ironic that we live in times where people overshare (who really cares what your dinner looks like?), but in reality despite what you put out there how many people can say there are more than a handful of people that really know them… how they tick… what they feel… what they have been through… More importantly, knowing all this how many people are in your life that still ride with you in spite of your dysfunctions and imperfections. It only takes one, and if you genuinely have more than that consider yourself blessed. True friends… good people beat out superficial relationships. Popularity used to be a concept that most of us felt we outgrew with the ending of our school days, but social media has re-invigorated the subject for many to feel a need to at least tacitly keep up with everyone else.


The quality over quantity argument can easily be applied to dating as well. While there may be no such thing as a perfect person, a focus on the quantity of the people in your dating life instead of focusing on finding a quality person is misguided. Quality over quantity is one of those arguable truisms that can be applied to most circumstances in our lives.

The quality over quantity argument applies to the more superficial as well. Quality in clothes, shoes and other goods supersedes quantity. You may have to pay more for quality, but generally speaking, you will have those goods longer to make up for the quantity that you would have to keep purchasing in order to outlast the quality of goods purchased. Focusing on quality is generally a good rule of thumb to follow in life, with that one notable exception of cash accumulation.





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