By: Richard Ray


Marshall Mathers aka Eminem went in on Donald Trump during a solo Freestyle shown during the BET Awards. I have seen mixed reactions to Eminem’s performance including from Black journalists offended slightly off put by the attention given to White celebrities toward causes of POC.

I get it to some degree… I have always hated Hollywood movies that depicted great suffering by Blacks (i.e. Glory, 12 Years A Slave and Amistad) that focused on the graciousness of White benefactors. Yet, in the midst of wide spread divisiveness, much of it driven directly by the president that Eminem blistered in his freestyle, I welcome anyone with a great platform that speaks out, particularly a White person.

Eminem has 21 million Twitter follower another 15 million on Instagram. He does not appear to be particularly active on social media, but he is recognized worldwide and had a platform he chooses to use it. While he is respected as an artist in the Black Community, I would dare say much if not at least half of his audience are Caucasians and his forceful stance both against Trump and social injustice and for Colin Kaepernick.

So it wasn’t the best freestyle you have ever heard. Without music it was more like spoken word, yet none of that is important. What is important is that people speak out in these divisive times. Regardless of the size of your platform, people cannot continue to support these false narratives that are divisive of those oppressed or seeking social justice, instead of being attacked for speaking out.

Eminem needs to be commended for speaking out. Surprisingly Trump has yet to respond to the attack against him. Everyone needs to speak out against social injustices. The issues that affect POC directly have an overall affect on society in general and until more people speak out Trumps and White Nationalism will build more momentum in extinguishing the voice and protests of those that are simply seeking equality and safety in an America that often marginalizes and minimizes those that do not control the political and law making microphones.

Hit the link if you would like to see the Eminem Freestyle in its entirety.



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