President George W. Bush.  Photo by Eric Draper, White House.


By Richard Ray:


George W. Bush may be the only person happier than White Supremacists with a Donald Trump presidency.

I dare say, in my best Steve Erkel voice, George W. Bush probably wakes up every morning, looks in the mirror and mockingly asks the Republican Party, “Did you miss me?”

The 43rd President of the United States ended his second term vilified and with one of the worst recorded overall approval ratings in Office. The country was mired in two extended and ill conceived wars in Iraq and Afghanistan along with the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.

Bush was still largely supported within the Republican Party, but that support was easily drowned out by the rest of the country frustrated and scared. W. was a constant satirical punchline in the media particularly on late night television.

He was derided for his lack of compassion and emotions along with a perceived lack of intelligence. Fair or not the criticism were real, and many felt comfortable with ranking George W. as one of the worst, if not The Worst, president in US history. His tenure ended so badly that it opened the door to the previously inconceivable; the election of an African American as President of the United States.

Barack Obama spent little to no time over the course of his two terms, blaming George W. for the state of affairs he inherited. In sharp contrast Trump and the Republicans have tried to blame everything excluding the Kennedy assassination on Obama. There is no recognition of the economic recovery that Obama lead the country to, but somehow Trump gladly takes credit for any motive economic statistics regardless of whether he implemented a program or was even in office yet.

So, far the Trump presidency is a complete policy fail and public relations joke. Twitter rhetoric of imaginary large Trump inauguration crowds and hurricane relief effort victories (who claims personal victories at hurricane relief, while simultaneously criticizing the victims as lazy and ungrateful?).  From the ongoing Special Counsel investigation into possibly colluding with Russia during the elections, to failing to fully disavow White Supremacy while admonishing protesters against hate groups as “hate groups”, to thats of nuclear war with Korea, to proposed travel bans against Muslim nations and stronger enforcement of immigrants from Hispanic nations to infantile Twitter wars with the NFL players against their right to peaceful protest to more forceful attacks on the free press as “Fake News” for any reporting that is critical of him, or his policies… Donald Trump currently has an approval rating so abysmal, outside of his die hard core, that the previously dwindling support of the end of George W’s presidency now looks more like the enthusiastic support shown by pre-teens who have just found out what hotel Justin Bieber was staying.

Perhaps the passing of time would have naturally shown a more sympathetic viewing of George W.’s as a man and president. Most People Of Color, fairly or not, looked at W, if not as an outright racist, as minimally someone who was largely un-empathetic to their issues and concerns. His warm, and seemingly mutual, regard for Barack and Michelle may have one day changed POC’s views at least about his nature as a man. However, nothing could have changed the perception of Bush as president faster and more definitively than the Tsunami of the one and true Commander In Least!





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