By Richard Ray:


What strange times we live in indeed.

Most Americans have been conditioned to believe that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a madman and dictator. The tales concerning the ruthlessness he has exhibited in keeping a tight reign on his regime have been storied whether exaggerated or not. We have heard that he has killed anyone including his supposed favorite Uncle and second in command when they posed a threat to his control and his fixation on war speak against South Korea and the United States have made his acquisition of nuclear technology and continued and improved testing keep America on notice despite the enormous geographic distances between the two nations.

The average citizen in the United States has been on notice to the menacing madman in the Far East, but the mutually childish dialogue of two leaders with nuclear capabilities now has all US citizens on full alert to the real possibility of nuclear war… and somehow Kim Jong Un seems like the actual more predictable if not rational one.

When North Korea emits their state sponsored propaganda releases (as we do), somehow I believe that most Americans believe Kim Jong Un and his regime when they say that Donald Trump is a dotard (an old person especially one who has become weak or senile) and a war mongering lunatic.

While we have already accepted that Kim Jong Un is crazy, somehow his statements about Trump still seem to have credibility and ring true. I know it’s the pot calling the kettle black on both sides, but how far has the prestige and credibility of the office of the presidency in the United States fallen when ostracized and isolated madman dictators sound like a voice of (some) reason in a infantile war of words that has the all too real capabilities of progressing to something so much more real.

We know that the people of North Korea are all hostage to the whims and actions of their dictator, but somehow the citizens of the US are being held hostage as well by a man whose emotional balance is clearly an issue if not his overall mental state. Whether saying Trump is mentally impaired is in some way political or subjective, what is not, is that there is no clear or concise way of predicting the man’s actions no matter the subject. That is indeed a scary proposition when such unpredictable and irrational behavior that is heavily influenced by all slights (perceived or real) is tied to a man that has control and access to our nuclear codes.




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