By Richard Ray:


I do not have any clue what Tyrese is going through these days. Sure. like many of you I have seen tabloid reports ranging from him being accused of striking his 10 year old daughter several times as part of his ex-wife seeking a permanent restraining order against him and sole physical custody of the child. In the midst of this court and custody battle Tyrese has been engaged in a public (social media) battle with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Custody battles can indeed be complicated. I have seen both men and women display deplorable behavior including blatant lies against the mother or father for purely vindictive purposes. None of us presently know the truth behind the allegations against Tyrese and regardless of whether you are a fan or specifically not, he needs to understand that the court system cares little about how many Twitter and Instagram followers you may have and that social media may in fact be used against you.

His now epic rant/breakdown on Facebook (click the link if you have not seen the video)  https://youtu.be/8Rus8WiuH3o could have a negative effect on his custody battle. He may win public sympathy for his custody battle, amidst being clowned in the process, but the video could also be used against him as evidence of possible instability in his custody battle. That is all still to be determined, but what I feel like is more clear is that Tyrese is in a no-win battle against The Rock.

Tyrese has appeared in 20 movies including 4 of the Fast and Furious franchise and 3 Transformers films. However, Dwayne Johnson may presently be one of the most popular personalities in the world and Tyrese making threats to quit Fast and Furious 9 if The Rock appears in it are about as hollow as me personally threatening the NFL with a boycott if Colin Kaepernick isn’t hired.

The Rock has not been too specific as to the nature of the beef, but recent Tyrese posts place some type of blame on The Rock for his alleged selfishness in signing on to do a spinoff with Jason Statham for their Fast characters, delaying the filming of 9 for 2 years. The selfishness to Tyrese was in The Rock allowing his spinoff to come first thus depriving Tyrese of a needed payday as he claims to be going broke paying $13,000 a month to his ex-wife and fighting his custody battle.

I try to never count someone else’s money, but Tyrese is a working actor and there is no reason he should be facing broke, even with this legal battle. Blaming it publicly on one of Hollywood’s most popular figures is a way to ensure that you get limited work in the future. No one told Tyrese how and what to spend his money on in the past, so blaming or even putting responsibility on his present financial predicament on others especially The Rock is tantamount to career suicide.

If the child abuse allegations against Tyrese are false, I wish him nothing but success in fighting the case. Yet, Tyrese needs to lay off social media for a while because he has already seen the slippery slope that exists in trying to illicit support from followers to alienating just as many if not more in the same process.




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