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The news of LiAngelo Ball’s arrest in China for shoplifting, along with two other of his UCLA teammates was literally only hours old when he began trending on Twitter. As the middle brother of the more well know Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers and LaMelo Ball, still a high schooler and of course all the sons of the loud leader of the family Big Baller Brand Lavar, LiAngelo is somewhat forgotten compared to his father and brothers received all the attention he never wanted when he started trending on Twitter.

19h19 hours ago

LiAngelo Ball: *Looks away*

*One tear rolls down cheek*



That was only one of thousands of comments, satires and memes that erupted on Twitter within hours of the news of his arrest.
This is the thing about the Internet, it has absolutely no chill. By it I mean the people who sit tirelessly on their mobile device and computers looking for anyone to have a negative or questionable headline and pounce. The Internet and meme makers care little about the truth. We have very little information on LiAngelo’s situation like knowing if he is even guilty of the offense, but that matters little to the Internet… if you make a negative headline the Internet has no mercy… The Internet cares less about due process than China or Russia. If you are headline worthy you are getting roasted and there is little you can ever do about it if you are on the wrong side of the Internet’s pettiness. If the initial headline is proven inaccurate or wrong the Internet doesn’t care… There will be no reverse apology memes or trending positively for your reputation. Once the Internet has spoken out against you…It’s a wrap and there is little you can do but not look at social media for a few weeks if you have been a trending target… cause the savages on The Net are emboldened by the anonymity and lack of consequences to their actions.
Until I started this site I had zero social media presence. I only saw memes when they were forwarded by friends. I admit that some of them are creative and even funny if not cruel. They show people have much more time on their hands then you would think and seem to be indicative of the tabloid National Enquirer/TMZ culture where we are obsessed with celebrity, but also love to see their fallibility as a check on any shortcomings people may have in their own lives. Whatever the reason, expect if you make the headlines for any negative reason… the Internet is coming for you… and it has no chill… and is undefeated!
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