By Richard Ray:


I have never understood people who were resistant to change. More specifically I mean positive change that would allow growth, one bettering themselves or just positive progress in the world as we know it.

Let me first acknowledge the obvious, which is as a Person Of Color (POC) in the United States I understand that historically I have never been part of the dominant controlling party and as such change would always be in my best interests. I get that for some Caucasians, drastic change could be viewed as a threat to their power and status quo in being able to mandate (right or wrong) how America is run and governed.

Yet, the right and wrong part really is not a sidenote as much as a key component as to why humanity should always embrace positive change as a means of progressing. Women have been marginalized by men for far too long throughout history. Part of the enormous and complex problem is that bad behavior, including sexual assaults, were overlooked because it was deemed somehow “acceptable behavior”. The same goes for our tolerance of racism, homophobia, religious persecution or any other fears that dominate and controlling parties may have to excuse behavior that is born out of intolerance and a lack of empathy instead of an openness to see the world through a more expansive viewpoint.

I am not suggesting all change is good or easy. I am definitely qualifying it as positive or progressive change, which I understand in and of itself is subjective. Yet, as a man that grows older everyday (you’re welcome from Captain Obvious) I embrace the change of growth instead of a more stereotypical stubbornness to being stuck into any old way of thinking.

The world moves forward everyday, whether you like it or not. Technology in several years will start to challenge the depths of our imagination. You cannot let any old school way of thinking prevent you from having an open mind to the possibility of growing and embracing positive change. An open mind to a new perspective will cost you nothing. You grew up being offensive to women, hating the cops, or Mexicans, or beets… I get it, but understand you have the capacity to change how you used to act, feel or think.

Change is definitely not easy, but it must be embraced not resisted. The world will move forward one way or another, why not embrace the wave instead of wasting energy fighting progress that will eventually occur with you on board or not.




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