By Richard Ray:


Christian Conservatives are immersed in a world of hypocrisy. They are of course not the only religious groups guilty of the act, but their influence on American politics make them a undeniable force in all of our lives for better or worse.

I could care less about their religious values or views. All religions deserve the right to be respected, but that respect needs to be returned to others who may not share their views or values. I could care less about conservative views, politics and values versus more alleged liberal or progressive politics or views.

What I do care about is hypocrisy and unfortunately that comes from both sides of the political spectrum. To say that hypocrisy is pervasive in the world of politics and on both sides is a true statement, but that truth does not excuse how reprehensible those actions are just because “everyone is doing it”. However, the actions of one particular side, Christian Conservatives has come to light as even more egregious and dangerous, because the  hypocrisy comes from a group that defines itself in part on having a moral compass and standard that they feel the rest of us should be governed by.

This is why the unwavering support that Christian Conservatives have for US Senate candidate Roy Moore is disturbing on so many levels. They are not only not outraged by the acts alleged by multiple woman of decades long patterns of sexual assaults and predation against underaged and teenaged girls, particularly when he was in a position of almost extreme power as a member of the district attorney’s office. Instead their outrage had been directed at the alleged victims with accusations from they are lying to politically motivated to why did they wait so long.

You can not be the moral compass for America and support a man who has been accused by multiple woman (teens) of sexual assault, while then conveniently pointing out the transgression of members of a political party you do not agree with. You can not use god as an excuse or justification for all of your actions and beliefs, yet either allow your base to use god as an example for the excuses you make for the actions of those you support.

It is just too hard a pill to swallow to watch and hear all of these religious leaders speak out against victims and survivors of sexual assault for a political candidate who will further promote their own agendas. It is difficult to watch these same religious leaders sit back silently as members of their proclaimed base exhibit racial hatred and religious intolerance toward others while simultaneously invoking god’s name and words as examples of the higher faith and calling that we all should be following.

Again, this is not about politics, differing views, or religious beliefs. This is about hypocrisy having no place in the same sentence as those that use their god as a weapon not for good but for the control and detriment of others. Faith is a beautiful thing. Intolerance and a lack of empathy with a heaping helpful of hypocrisy is among the worst traits society can exhibit. So until “Christians” can understand that their love for god and faith should overrule any Conservative political views or agendas they should be called out for their hate, intolerance and hypocrisy at every turn.




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