By Richard Ray:


Unless you are extremely sick or infirmed, every day that you are blessed to wake up is an opportunity to start anew.

New beginnings are afforded to us every day. That is the absolute beauty of life. No matter how hard life is… no matter how arduous our journey’s or the limited resources at our disposal, life is still limitless as to the possibilities… as long as you believe, and persevere no matter the obstacles.

The power of positivity can never be underestimated. Of course positivity alone cannot change one’s circumstances, but it really is the first step toward achieving change. The positive mindset then must be coupled with a true understanding of the possibilities of change and bettering one’s circumstances.

Until we are physically (or mentally) incapable or deceased those opportunities to better our lives and change our circumstances exist daily. We may not know how to exactly go about effectuating the desired change in our lives, but an understanding of the possibilities with a positive mindset is the first step.

New beginnings are one of life’s greatest blessings. Unfortunately many of us are so burdened by the weight of our immediate circumstances that we cannot always see the possibilities nor live within the positivity. Times can indeed be hard… life can indeed be hard… Safety, having a roof over one’s head, clean clothes and enough food to eat are imminent concerns for far too many. Not everyone has significant resources at their disposal. There is no easy fix to many of life’s hardships.

This piece is not about quick fix solutions. Like dieting, there is no such thing. Success in life and happiness in life is about measured steps and reactions. There must be a first step to change and that step starts with both an understanding and acceptance of the possibilities we all have.

That acceptance and understanding is simultaneously a small and large step forward. It is easy to be overwhelmed by our circumstances and the impediments. Start small… start with one day… New beginnings do not mean that goals are immediate. It means that the opportunities and possibilities to change for the better are there for us… They are not easy nor automatic, nothing in life is (excepting death and taxes).

I am at a great place in my life, so it is easy to be dismissive of the nauseating uber positive advice. Take some solace in the fact that my life’s path has been far from easy, only making the journey so much more rewarding. It took me many years to come to the realization that my blessings and an undeniable positive outlook far outweighed the obstacles and impediments to my happiness and success. However, once I did, the world truly opened up. Remember it’s not a quick fix, but what do you have to lose in trying.



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