By Richard Ray:


In an ode to Captain Obvious, I declare that the cold weather… really, really, really sucks. As I write this, over a third of the US population is experiencing arctic temperatures below freezing and many with feel likes temperatures below zero.

Even the Sunshine state, has recently been experiencing colder than normal temperatures, with Tallahassee getting its first snow in nearly three decades. But the relative cold in Florida is nothing compared to the frigid temps in the Northeast and Midwest. The cold comes with all kinds of ominous nicknames such as “bomb cyclone” and “Nor’easters” and unlike most, they live up to their miserable hype.

Now I am no fan of extreme heat and its ugly cousin, humidity. Okay in full disclosure I must admit to an unusually high tolerance for the heat, and my choice to dually reside in Florida was purely driven by the harsh New York winters. Yet, I have always reasoned that as annoying and even dangerous as the heat is, you can get some relief and protection from it. Frequent cold showers, the pool or ocean, air conditioning are all ways to battle the heat.

Sure there are some temporary remedies for relief from the extreme cold, but short of completely hibernating within the confines of a heated venue, the cold is far more disruptive. Winter storms actually disrupt the economy, with people unable to work, school closures, overtime for workers to cleanup, flight cancellations and ton of business closings because of the cold. Extreme heat may lead to more complaining, but extreme cold wins for actual mayhem and havoc.

You have to dig out of snowstorms just to drive your car or clear your walkway. Most cars require time to be warmed up and the time it takes to travel anywhere is significantly greater. Extreme cold physically hurts and can be deadly. But, I don’t have to resort to extreme examples, for most of you. There are unusual people, like my mother, who like the cold or are otherwise used to it. The majority of us can live without it, but are forced to live with it yearly.

So with at least two more months of potential harsh winter temperatures, much of the US braces for the worst, while optimistically looking forward to the spring and summer. The snow is pretty, initially and in doses, but extreme and prolonged cold is no fun and dangerous. This is especially true for pet owners who must still walk their dogs despite what the thermostat reads.

Canadians laugh at our fragility, but these prolonged arctic temperatures and snowstorms are no joke for the 100 million plus Americans that must endure them. Thankfully the silver lining really is that the bad weather, like most of life’s ills, too shall pass.




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