By: Richard Ray


I don’t care how self-assured and confident you are, we all seek some level of affirmation in our lives.

I am not talking about the extreme petulant and needy (#Trump) who are insecure and in need of incessant assurance. I am talking about the normal human nature that occasionally needs support, or encouragement of our paths.

It has been quite a long time since I have lacked confidence. Whatever insecurities or deficiencies that I may have once had, have long been replaced by an understanding of who I am and a knowledge of both my strengths and weaknesses. I rarely venture too far out of any lane that far exceeds my capabilities (both real and imagined). I, somewhat objectively, know what I am good at. Yet, that knowledge does not mean that I am impervious to affirmations that can serve as validation. is a prime example. It began as a passion project. The passion remains intact, but along the way the impact of providing entertainment, education and inspiration to the readership became just as important as the cathartic experience of writing itself. So while I never doubt my abilities as a writer or the choice of the subjects written, I still find myself releived by affirmations from readers of their enjoyment or inspiration from the written pieces. I may write for myself, but I would be lying if I said that the affirmations from readers weren’t an additional motivation to keep going.

That same feeling toward affirmations seap into my personal life as well. I take pride in my character as a man. Far from perfect, I work on growing everyday to be a better man, partner, brother, son and friend. I do all of this for my own growth and satisfaction in doing right by people and myself. However, while none of my actions are ever done for effect or recognition, it would be a lie to say that I did not derive some satisfaction in the acknowledgment and affirmations of others of the growth and improvement they recognize.

Affirmations, for me, are simply a reminder that I am on the right path. I don’t live my life in search of them, but they sometimes serve as a beacon. And no matter how confident you are in your compass, a strong beacon is always a welcome reminder and affirmation that we are headed in the right direction.



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