By Richard Ray:


My hatred for sports teams from the city of Boston has been documented for years. I am a New Yorker, and it’s part of our training in pre-school, so we are just natural rivals to begin with. The Boston Red Sox have been a perpetual thorn in the Yankees side ever since becoming the first team to recover from a 0-3 playoff deficit  to come back and win a series in 2004. The Boston Celtics have experienced far more success than their division rival New York Knicks and the New England Patriots regualry beat their division foe (rivals wouldn’t be fitting or appropriate) New York Jets like they are the school yard bully collecting lunch money. The only saving grace for New York football fans had been that prior to their match with the Philadelphia Eagles, the only two Super Bowl losses that the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick lead New England Patriots had ever received were at the hands of the New York Giants.

My hatred for all Boston aera teams is real… It’s closely followed by my strong dislike for the City itself. Don’t get me wrong Boston has some really great people, but an overtly racist culture that well proceeded the emboldened Nationalists of today… Boston is the OG Northern city of racism… had added to my dislike for all things Boston.

My hatred of Boston sports team, is not to be confused with lack of respect. I begrudgingly acknowledge the turn around the Red Sox have been able to make over the last couple of decades and the Celtics storied history is to be admired as well. More recently, as much as I may not like it, I cannot deny the near unparalleled success and consistency that the New England Patriots and Tom Brady have shown as an organization for the past 17 years.

As a Giants and Jets fan I hate both teams in this year’s Super Bowl. Yet, as much as I dislike the NY Giants divisional rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, my hatred for the Patriots easily trumped that dislike. One of them had to win and while I took no joy from an Eagles victory, I definitely was happy to see the Patriots lose. The respect is still there for them and grudgingly for the Philadelphia Eagles and their abilities to overcome so many obstacles including losing their franchise quarterback to an injury. Since the game was prohibited from ending in a mutually unsatisfying tie, the lesser of two evils proved triumphant.

Congrats to both teams for a hard fought and exciting game. The tumultuous and divisive year that so many of us have experienced as US citizens is not made all better by a New England Patriots loss… but I must admit it is a good sign potentially of wrongs being made right… if you believe in those kind of things.



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