As hard as I try not to, from time to time I sound like the old school dude stuck in the past when it comes to lamenting the state of hip hop today versus its alleged glory years of the late 80s-90s. For so many, music is a soundtrack for one’s life journey… the first […]



I cannot believe that it has been over eleven years, since perhaps the greatest voice of our generation passed away. I know that many more famous entertainers have passed in that time period, like Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Prince, and while others have been more popular, know one has ever possessed a more pure, […]



I blame Donald Trump’s candidacy on Ashton Kutcher. For six years he showed how gullible people were and the viability of catching much of America’s captive attention to showing people reacting to and believing the most outrageous scenarios. Is that not Trump’s candidacy in a nutshell. It reminds me of a Richard Pryor joke in […]



  I just read a horrific story about a young lady in Italy who was driven to suicide because of an incident in which a personal “pornographic” video was placed on the internet and went viral. Her attempts to have it taken down resulted in over Twenty Thousand ($20,000.00) Dollars in legal fees and subsequent […]


MOVE B****

This is a (PSA) Public Service Announcement. Any outrage or anguish over my misogynistic title should be directed to my mother. She has taught me a wholehearted love and respect for women, but allows the use of all profanity in very special cases, particularly when not specifically referring to a class of people. Now back […]