Anyone that knows me, is aware of my feelings regarding organized religion… I am not a big fan. Do not confuse this with me having any type of disdain for people’s beliefs in whatever gods they worship or a lessing in the importance that religion may have to various people and cultures worldwide. I respect […]



Family: Can’t live with them… Can’t change your name, move and act like you don’t know them anymore… wait you can do that. I was speaking with a client recently and he was lamenting the state of dysfunction within his family. My oversimplified answer was love them and/or leave them, but do not let them make you […]



I owe nearly everything I have become as a man (at least the good parts) to two people: my mother and a man named John Hoffman. My mother did the best in raising me to be a good and productive person, but let’s be real… she kind of had to… John was no kin. In […]



So Mr. Positivity still gets tested on occasion. I am a steady, if not exhausting espouser of maintaining a positive state of mind under nearly all circumstances. Nearly suggests that there are of course exceptions, but short of those, positivity must be maintained. It is often suggested, “that is easy for you (me) to say […]



I feel a mini-rant coming on… I hate ill-mannered people. Hate is a strong word, but its cause I lack the vocabulary to properly and articulately emanate my visceral contempt for those that lack manners. There is an expression that “good manners cost nothing,” so the usual broke people excuses hold no weight there. Manners […]