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For all of those offended by the idea of “Black Lives Matter”, and calling for all lives and specifically White Lives to matter, you need to have a refresher course in history. The White Lives Matter movement (or more specifically the White Men’s Lives) has been in existence since its creation on September 17, 1787 and official ratification as law on June 21, 1788.

The US Constitution is the definitive formation of the White Lives Matter movement. Women were barely considered under the initial Constitution’s formation and it took well over 100 years (passed on June 4, 1919 and ratified on August 18, 1920) for Women to even be granted the right to vote. African American’s were mostly slaves in this country at the time of the Constitution’s forming and were not even considered whole human beings by its creators.

Under the original US Constitution and many years that followed the only lives that mattered were White (males). Essentially every subsequent Amendment to the Constitution as well as every other federal, state and local law has only come into play with the permission and consideration of its impact on its effect on the powers that be (White Men). Women’s rights took a movement to come into effect. Slavery existed for nearly a hundred years after the Constitution and it took a civil war to finally end it. It was another hundred years and another movement needed before African Americans would receive the protection of basic civil rights. No change (or law) is ever achieved in this country without the eventual consent and capitulation from White Men.

I am an American, born and raised. As a Black and Latin man, I have never been part of the un-oppressed, sole ruling party, in control of this country’s direction and power structure for nearly four hundred years. So I admit to not fully being able to sympathize with the plight of a still in power majority’s hurt feelings to perceived threats to their long-standing reign.

I am however empathetic to the fear of the loss of absolute power. Whites are still presently the majority, but the rapidly growing number of Hispanics (do not underestimate the undercurrent theme in calling for a Wall) coupled with the Black and Asian populations, have defined that on a national level White Men no longer can win elections or set laws by totally discounting minority interests.

There is nothing wrong in theory with the concept of White pride. Every race, nationality and ethnicity should be proud of their heritage and culture. However, do not let pride for one’s culture and heritage serve as camouflage to a more sinister and pervasive need to hate and subjugate others as a means of promoting the self interest of Whites. These hate groups disguise White pride with their true intention to dominate and control others and that is the problem in letting these promoters of “White Lives Matter” continue on a platform that is truly only about Nationalism and Supremacy… which is ultimately about hate.

This change, no matter how hard the establishment tries to fight it, is inevitable. Instead of fantasy thinking to “Make America Great Again” (code words: where white men can rule and dictate policy with impunity) why not try and show compassion to those who are only ultimately trying to achieve the same levels of rights and respects that you have always been afforded within our country. Working together toward that end…Will Make America Great




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