“Everyone experiences doubt: Perseverance is often what separates those who ultimately achieve success.”

Richard Ray


Everyone loves a success story. Almost as universally, people love a story of redemption. We love a story of someone overcoming some tragedy or insurmountable odds to achieve the American dream of success.

Success is some intangible, subjective idea that we all want to achieve on some level or another. It does not necessarily have to equate with money or fame. I am not even sure there is an objective baseline for what we deem success, because it is really that personal as a standard. Perhaps, at a minimum, it is financial independence and a degree of stability to ensure freedom and achievement of personal goals.

Whatever “success” is, we all want to achieve it. Just as the achievement of success is personal to each individual’s narrative, surely so are the roads and impediments to getting there. Whether you were born with the proverbial “silver spoon” or come from the “bottom”, I believe that nearly all of us have adversity in our lives. Clearly that adversity and challenge is greater for some of us than others.

Life can be difficult, and often for reasons beyond our control. But, there is one thing that we CAN control, and no one has the ability to control or impede: that is our ability to persevere.

Doubt may be as natural as breathing. We all experience it on some level. Even those with seemingly unending confidence have something in their lives that give them pause or concern. It is what we do in those moments of doubt, those moments of adversity and despair that ultimately separate us from others who cannot seem to get over that hump.

The concept of perseverance is laughingly simple. Perseverance is never giving up. Yet, even as someone who prides himself on perseverance as perhaps my strongest trait, the conceptual simplicity definitely belies its difficulty in putting it into practice.

The pressures of life can be crippling. Unsurety can come in many forms. Financial pressures, health, relationship and family pressures are just a small sampling of life’s potential adventures. We may not know what they are going to be, but we can count on obstacles in our path. It is up to us to never give up. Easier said than done for sure, but I am living proof. Look to others if you are unsure. Almost anything can be overcome.

You must first maintain the faith and belief in yourself. We are all so much more resilient than even we realize. Perseverance is a long-term play in life. It does not often result in quick fixes or solutions. The answers are not always immediately right in front of us, but you can’t ever give up. Others may be depending on you. At the very least “You” are depending on you.

Life is a journey that is not always easy to partake. Yet, the rewards of never giving up…of achieving your level of success… are greater than any easy path could provide.

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