I was asked recently why I write. My immediate response was because I can’t sing… I mean this sardonic wit isn’t just going to write itself… I get asked the question, in some variation, often and most people are more inquisitive as to why I write so much and so often without apparently getting paid for it.

It’s a fair question and once I am done with my sarcasm, the truth is still rather simple. I love to write and think that I have something to say. In reality we all have a voice. It took me many years to grow comfortable enough to not only feel that I had something to say that others might benefit from hearing, but that I wrote well enough to convey those thoughts and insights in an clear, entertaining non-sanctimonious way.

Most days I think I accomplish that goal. I have never lacked confidence, but was always so fiercely private that sharing any authentic elements of myself was hardly considered outside of a chosen few. I have lived a charmed, full life, full of adversity and complications. Nothing has been easy, from the plastic spoon I was born to, in a demographic and brown skin that made the initial journey that much more of a challenge.

My own tendencies and self-destructive behavior eventually became my greatest impediments, and yet somehow I was both lucky and resilient enough to overcome myself and any other challenges I face. I am still a work in progress, but in the game of life (that of course, is still not over for me) I am definitely ahead in the win column.

I have joked so often that I could write a “how to book on what not to do”. I was blessed with a few mentors, but for the most part learned most of my lessons on my own. Whether that was my choice or my circumstance, take it from me the journey is much easier when accompanied with the guidance of others more learned and experience.

So I volunteer, presently free of charge, to share some of the many lessons I learned. I have gone down many perilous roads…so you do not have to. Of course you have to learn your own lessons… You have to develop your own voice, because we all eventually have something to say. But, in the meantime, until you get there, learn from the mistakes of others. Learn from the positive experiences of others.

I write covering a myriad and eclectic mix of topics. Positivity, resilience and garnering perspective are constant themes in my writing along with socio-political commentary that even immersed in protest and cries of social injustice, still somehow tries to offer positive solutions in the midst of rants.

My life is far from perfect. Yet, I see nothing but positivity, no matter how dark situations may appear to be. That ability to see my blessings… to gain perspective that others have it so much worse than I do and without the opportunity to eventually make their situations better like I have… that is what has gotten me thru the darkest of times.

I write because I love to… I write because I have something to say… I write because I hope that my experiences passed on, both positive and negative, may help others tackle hurdles in their lives that they may not otherwise have had mentorship or guidance for… I write to hopefully have Diary Of A Mad Mind become a platform that others more articulate, creative and learned than I, may eventually use the platform, because we all have something to say, and those voices that are not always encouraged need a home for expression and positivity.



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