“If my body is supposed to to be a Temple, I have been on some real disrespectful, atheist tip.”   RR


The devil is not a lie, at least not when it comes to the truth behind our bodies and our diets. I have been lying to myself far too long and it is about to stop. Normally I pride myself on my honesty and self awareness, but clearly I have been chewing on these alternative facts too long when it comes to needing to watch what I eat.

I have rationalized, a little past the expiration date that my refraining from smoking, getting high and and alcohol were justifications in not watching what I ate. I have always exercised strenuously and regularly. Add to that a particularly fast metabolism and I could essentially justify any garbage I put into my system.

Yet, as the the years went by and I went from a 8 pack to a six pack… to 4…. Denial still. Now I’m 2pack minus any rapping skills. Athletic injuries over the last several years have been much slower to heal. My continued hoop dreams still bring me some type of joy , they just now come with stress fractures, achilles tear and other assorted injuries, that not only rarely existed when I was younger, but when they did were far less stubborn in their refusal to heal quickly.

My latest injury, a broken (dominant) hand kept me sidelined for eight weeks before I was able to do any type of exercising at all. My temple clearly went on a metabolism strike, apparently after watching too much Kevin Hart, because it was apparent my body after adding 15 pounds in that span was trying to tell me “you gonna learn today.”

Conceptually, even intellectually, I have always understood that body composition was predominately determined by one’s diet. This is not to be confused with dieting or any other type of gimmicky withholding of food. Eating properly and healthy are as, if not more important to regular exercising. Did I forget to mention I am a junk food junkie? The years of bad habits finally won, without any form of exercising for eight consecutive weeks of total inactivity. And let me just say this… I’m not rich enough, yet to just completely abandon the ideal of keeping it sexy, specially with a residence in a super warm climate.

So the reality check is here. i really do need to watch what I put in my body. I am unsure what, if anything I am actually willing to give up at this point, but I know if nothing else everything needs to be done in moderation. Our bodies are temples. We may not need to be fanatical about what we put into it… cause what would be the fun in that, but as we get older and bodies changes because of assorted factors, including slower metabolisms, we need to change our eating habits accordingly.

I go hard in the paint with everything I do, specially any bad habits. I will keep you updated to see if this initial vow of moderation will be effective or if a more drastic approach is what is needed. 2pack is the minimum I can do… my vanity just won’t permit it to fall much further.






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