I am all for confidence. It is one of the most important characteristics any person needs in order to succeed and one of the sexiest traits a woman (and so I’ve been told a man) can have. However, (today’s equivalent of I don’t mean to be disrespectful, followed up by the most disrespectful statement) some of you need to get rid of the carnival funhouse mirrors you own by the dozen and replace it with something to give a more real and accurate appraisal of who you are.

The cartoonish characters who criticize the looks of others are too easy a target to make fun of. I strive to be non-judgmental (I prefer highly opinionated) so making fun of others just because they make fun of others with their delusional asses is something I will avoid. Though I must admit I finally get why passive aggressive people go that route. You can talk mess or throw shade all under the guise of refraining from it…evil genius…but I digress.

Social media if nothing else, provides both a platform as well as the spotlight for delusion. You want to pass off your holiday struggle meals as gourmet feasts…be my guest. You want to show off how your latest look makes you a dead ringer for Kim Kardashian when you more closely resemble Mike Tyson…there is an app for that. I joke but what is even more perplexing are people that somehow overstate their worth or position in life and then fell comfortable to somehow look down on others.

The thing about delusion is that it is the most universal of ailments. It knows no restrictions or boundaries based on sex, height, socio-economic status, culture, ethnicity or race (though most racists are ironically the most delusional people in the world).

I have met more grown people who spoke of their “brands” when they did not own a residence, car or have a bank account that contained at least one comma. Material objects do not certify someone’s worth, but you cannot have Nothing (and yes the double negative was purposeful) and act like you are the S***.

Again confidence is admirable, but delusion is just a bad look. What makes matters worse is that the examples of delusion that are most bothersome do not just deal with over confidence, but actually looking down on and even belittling others. It’s never right to put others down, but it’s especially hard pill to swallow hearing it from people who from all objective standards are lacking.

I am definitely a man that does not lack confidence in myself. I know what I bring to any table, but conversely I know the areas where I am lacking. I do not lie to myself about my shortcomings and am largely aware of people’s perceptions (even if I find most to be wildly inaccurate). The self-analysis does little to shake my belief in myself, but it does keep me grounded in understanding the balance of my strengths and weaknesses. The more you are self aware, the less likely you will allow delusions of grandeur to overtake sensibility and perspective.


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