I learn something new every day. Whether it is about myself or just knowledge gained from a subject I knew little to nothing about. I am fascinated about life, both in all that I have learned as well as the marvel of how little I know. These feeling are never overwhelming, in fact the opposite is true. Sometimes I feel like I am going to burst with all the possibilities that lie in front of me even though my earthly calendar would suggest I am on the downside of potential.

Every day is about renewed possibilities… It is about making wrongs right and moving forward positively. Every day is open to change and growth. Each day provides yet another opportunity to overcome adversity. Challenges in life are the F you to your thoughts and wants for positivity. Your ability to wake up, breathe (hopefully without debilitating health issues) is your ability to give the finger back to adversity. The challenges, no matter how numerous and difficult are part of our journey. The key is to learn and grow from them. Each day gives us a new opportunity to turn any negative experience into a positive.

Each day should provide greater perspective and prospective is the architect of all progressive thinking and growth. How can you see through the darkness without not only understanding that things could be worse, but also somehow embracing the hope and beliefs that things can and will be better?

The question is of course rhetorical, but the true answer comes with an embracing of life and a gaining of perspective. Each and every day represent the opportunity to learn, grow and improve. I know many people that are experiencing dark times. I… we have all been through them. When going through difficult times, it is understandably hard to live in the midst of positivity, but yet we must.

No day is promised to us, making the importance of living, learning and growing each day tantamount to our responsibilities not only for our selves but for those that no longer have the opportunity. The Internet and social media are marvels, both positively and negatively, but if noting else they provide incredible opportunities literally at our fingertips to expand the limitation of our thoughts. From current events to history to random thoughts that cross your mind, technology affords us the ability to learn. We take advantage, and attaining knowledge costs very little and has no age, sex, race or cultural limitations.

People can also be a great source of wealth and knowledge. I always look forward to opportunities to learn from others. I learn about different cultures, religious ideologies, I learn from liberal thinkers and  conservatives alike. You can add to your perspective on life through interacting with others. Every day provides these opportunities. It our jobs to embrace the possibilities that every day provides.


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