Recently I wrote an article titled “Plans Are Made To Be Broken.” If you did not see the piece, by all means go back and read it. The quick summary is essentially that life causes us to have to re-mix, amend and break even the best laid plans. The many circumstances outside of our control need to ensure that we maintain a flexibility in understanding and not overly stressing that life cannot always fully be lived according to plans.

I stand by every word I wrote and believe the lesson to be true and worthwhile. However, there is a converse theory involved as well and that entails that “SOME” plans need to be re-visited and maintained, no matter the circumstances that life has placed before you.

It is one thing to expect change to plans. It one thing to not let those changes to your plans affect your life in a stressful or detrimental way. It is another to to give up on plans, that need to be followed or implemented.

The life of a serial entrepreneur is a constant poker match of trying to figure out when to hold em versus when to fold em, without having any ability to bluff. The important lesson, that I am still learning, is understanding which dreams are worth pursuing and once that choice has been made, how hard and far do I invest time and resources (aka money) to those pursuits before plans need to actually be changed.

There is no simple right answer to that dilemma and it is something we all face on some level, irrespective of whether you have gone the entrepreneurial route or not. One of the easiest things to do in life is simply not try. Perhaps the second easiest is to give up. Plans are made to be broken, but at the same time there are some plans that need to be pursued.

This is not an easy or simple call to make. Part of it is about never giving up on dreams or aspirations, no matter the obstacles and impediments that life places in front of us. Part of it is about just trying… There are some plans in our life that can not be abandoned or gave up on. That is part of the re-mix. The timing may have not been right. Money or health may have been issues, but whatever the circumstances, that should not be an excuse to derail you from the important plans and matters that need to be revisited and their implementation attempted.

What those plans may be are different and unique to each of us. It can be continuing education. It can be the purchase of property. It can be starting or renewing a savings plan. It can be the pursuit of your ultimate dreams. Whatever it is for you, you have to first make that determination. Once the determination is made that something is essential in your life’s pursuits, it is your duty to see it through. Some plans have to be pursued and stuck to, no matter the impediments.




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