Many of us are familiar with the expression “Real recognizes Real.” The familiar need no explanation, those unfamiliar may have the colloquialism explained as people of upstanding quality and character having the ability to see those straits in others even when unexplained.

Real does recognize Real, but what is not said is that the converse is completely true as well. Fugazi recognizes each other well and to compound that premise, the fake and self-absorbed do a far better job of getting together and multiplying. This is not about conspiracies, just an assertion that those that may be viewed as disingenuous do a much better job of networking than others.

Clearly this notion of who is or isn’t real is incredibly subjective. The idea of even clearly defining or describing who fits into either category has no clear cut objective standard to make the claim anything more than disputed. Yet, somehow I still see it with a degree of clarity. It is like a paraphrasing of former US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart in trying to define obscenity, he may not have known how to define pornography, but he sure knew it when he saw it.

A “Real” person may not be easily identifiable in a crowd. A Real person is usually easy to overlook, because they are generally doing the absolute least to draw attention to themselves. So while Real people may be able to recognize each other, they are usually not going to be overt or intrusive toward each other. It’s a combination of “too cool for school” and trying to maintain respect and boundaries for others that all too often people that should really be networking and building with each other don’t.

When you deal with or are surrounded by sycophants all day, the first instinct is to make sure that you give the space and respect that normally the others have no problems impeding. It’s a sound principal in theory, but the reality is that we need more Real people coming together and building and not just the usual self-serving networking that takes actively takes place.

This may be one of my more opinionated pieces and the reality is that the abstract nature of Real versus less real is difficult enough to articulate. Then add the fact that you cannot make people, regardless of whether they are of like character and fabric, get together, network and build.

I put it out there cause sometimes positive thoughts and wishes just need to float in the universe. The BS is out there, so why not put a little optimism as well? I shall label today’s thought a PSA of positivity. One in which good…not just real… people come together more.


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